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tuesday 08/04/2008

monday 07/04/2008

Mooby dooby, this sounds groovy! Put me down for one.

Well, no win for me this time, but 'spect me to be entering more lottos. Luck's my motto!

Congrats to all the winners! smiley

sunday 06/04/2008

I am going to close this tournament down. I promise I'll make a new one. Mods please close this.

wednesday 02/04/2008

Close this dr. bob won boodenpower

ashigaru to atra3trq3

tuesday 01/04/2008

These r the lvls and leader u get at each lvl
Lvl 5- timber
Lvl 10- vansaar
Lvl 15- hugo
Lvl 20- bridget
Lvl 25- ashigaru
Lvl 30- eyrik
Lvl 35- ambre
Lvl 40- eklore
Lvl 45- morphun
Lvl 50- vholt

monday 31/03/2008

I agree with Nintendan, anyone playing this tourney seriously should have both those cards. Offer Geuner Cr or Diyo Cr which wouldn't be used but offer some incentive. Also, by the time the tourney finished, Olga wouldn't be worth nearly as much, but you could sell her now and get one of these Crs.

This tournoment is to sow if you have the best mono Freaks deck out there

1)only Freaks
2) star limit is 30
3)send me your decks

send me a card for 50 clintz and ill send it bcack for 550

1st Olga (R)
2nd erpito
3rd a pat on the back

join if you think you have the best Freaks deck

My opinion is to give players who let time pass a disadvantage by substracting winningpoints (and maybe clintz). In tournaments i waste a lot of time and lose lots of winning points each time a player do this. I have a disadvantage and he will get a bonus? That's ridicoulus.
Last time i wanted to level a new card in the training room and they started doing the same there. About 50% of all fights were "won" by letting time pass. I wasted 1 hour to get my char from level 3 to level 5!

If the LTP -strategy would be punished harder than giving that players a red smiley, the game would be better.
And players like my, who getting crazy when opponents do this, wouldn't be be lead into temptation to insult such players (I haven't done it, but the more often it happens, the more often i start to think about it).

(sorry for posting this here, but i don't know where to writze it elswere)

sunday 30/03/2008

I experienced that too maybe because of the internet connection

Hmmmm It has happened over like 2 or 3 tourneys - so I hope they are working on it. Surely daylight savings shouldnt affect the game for that long - also I would think it would operate on GMT not on local times - so it shouldnt affect other countries?

The Tournament ranking page - updates properly, however Kate is giving rewards at the 15 minute mark - and the ranking at the bottom of the page is not refreshing properly either. I lost like 800c smiley

saturday 29/03/2008

Read other tourney thread..MAKE SURE U CAN SELL!!!

They raised it to quite an arbitrary number it seems in 90% but it's a good thing. They had to raise it to at least 33% to make it break even but I have to say even I wasn't expecting such a large increase. Well done URsmileysmiley

friday 28/03/2008

Thanks, Mightysmiley

And thank you, Soluiz, for holding a lottey. I should get one of this going soon.

@merm: i'm from australia, just have jap as my flag

anyway, hope you have fun guys

thursday 27/03/2008

Can you rewrite a whole new rules and regulations on this lottery again in a post since the original one was change

wednesday 26/03/2008

tuesday 25/03/2008


monday 24/03/2008

Plz tell me died soul is right

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