friday 11/10

Zip disappeared from the market smileysmiley

Looks like i was wrong, we only get LD missions today. Weird, because i'm pretty sure i saw parts of the characters in their instagram story with the title "tomorrow".

thursday 10/10

logo UR 16 messages

How gracious of you staff.
Very admirable smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

monday 07/10

hot logo UR 113 messages

MY girl Missandei need to WINsmiley

sunday 06/10

Hello Clintizens!

Just to let you know that the latest Clint City News issues can be also read online through the website (for EN and ES version just scroll down) and also to be downloaded for FREE through the following link, along with all the previous issues:

Clint City News staff

saturday 05/10

Pussycats are the feminists of clint city, therefore shouldn't they hate The Miss Clint City pageant? Wouldn't they expelled from the Clan any member who participate/win the pageant? If Missandei wins, will she join the Komboka for example, or is it an elaborate plan from the Pussycats to try to destroy/discredit the Miss Clint City pageant?

wednesday 02/10

Reading comprehension and utilizing context clues is also important smiley

tuesday 01/10

I agree that newest 3 MT are desirable to boost BP.
I borrow MT from #Open Casket card bank because I don't own MT.
But recent 3 MT are obtainable compared to Manon Mt .
Please UR consider altering these to boost BP, thank you.

friday 27/09

Eh, Backlash as a Bonus doesn't seem flavorful; it encourages too much splashing. However, using a Clan Bonus that makes Backlash "useful" would be interesting....

thursday 26/09

All of the issues are available online, follow the links in the newsletter events:
EN: Clint City News Updates
FR: Clint City News FR
ES: Clint City News ES

Also you can download them here:


wednesday 25/09

Anybody else thinks that current prizes are too low?
Consider comparing to EFC (no daily box, and given scores reset everyday your streak is not going to count towards a weekly much less a season prize) or to DT (the 1st place in one DT gets half the reward of the daily Survivor streak in cryptocoins and plenty more clintzs. given a tournament takes an hour, two hours first place, which is analogus to a 1st place in daily survivor and you get as many crypto + way more clintz)...

I don't know about you guys, but I think that the prizes, despite increasing in absolute value, are terrible for a streak based mode. Anybody else affected by the change? Either playing more or less of Survivor because of it. Any hints that could be provided to the community regarding how the change impacted the total player base in the mode (during weeks in which there are no Survivor specific missions else, the data would be biased)

tuesday 17/09

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@Maka & Kevin

saturday 14/09

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What's up with pokeball symbol in the background though smiley

thursday 12/09

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"From Thursday:
-New buying back prices from Kate for Collectors cards"

Just checked. Banner is already there but it still doesn't work until now.
So beware when trying to sell your cheap CRs to Kate.

tuesday 10/09

logo UR 18 messages

One bad luck and you dead.

sunday 08/09

hot logo UR 45 messages

@Aguia. Pretty much a standard AI fight then. smileysmiley

saturday 07/09

logo UR 15 messages

I bought it 1 300 000. Easy.

friday 06/09

I fully agree with you Isolator. The only people this new cr price is going to help, are the market sharks and new players

thursday 05/09

@Isolator GUB: As far as I know that was shelved when the team changed. Though I know as much as every other player when it comes to updates.

sunday 01/09

Will there be an announcement on Monday when he becomes available on Elite pack?

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