thursday 11/01/2018

Fomalhaut Ld after next 2 EFC seasons will be 11 / 0 ?

I use a Skeelz half in case of Roots or GHEIST. I say Half because other Clans have better cards for the Mission and spread a variety.

For Survivor, DT and EFC, I play Pillz in unusual amounts at times. Enough to help with a Mission, but also good to make a tough fight.

friday 05/01/2018

GhosTown, Gheist, Riots, Ulu Watu or Montana

It may not be the biggest news for msot players, but I really appreciate it. Thanks, UR Team smiley

tuesday 02/01/2018

He was a tribute to one of the staff who passed away. The limited number of cards in circulation just helps to solidify our memory of him. Don't ruin the moment by making it about you.

monday 01/01/2018

Say, are we getting any new missions for the new year?

Yeah for the future, can you please inform us of the card which the top 10 in EFC will get for that week in advance. Because Roderick as a reward is honestly a huge waste of time and disappointing to those who worked hard to get a top 10

wednesday 27/12/2017

It has been a year since this thread was created.

You can get a chance to Nami Ld in doing Weekly Ld Missions if you do not have her.

monday 25/12/2017

Well I figured it out by myself and got a Blaaster Cr

saturday 23/12/2017


Can we still get him in the normal New Blood?

friday 22/12/2017

She is not ugly . she is a another race it is not a human. maby she is pretty in her underwater comunity. you dont see another members of her race. maby they are uglier than her??do not judge maby for her lady and gaia are ugly? who knows....

thursday 21/12/2017

I support this thread.

monday 18/12/2017

Yep, here comes an Ursula-like cool Piranhasmiley

At last, back to normal! smiley

It's very easy. Find the cancel button and click on it.smiley

friday 15/12/2017

I used Gheist for this Season, worked well -
Deck: image

monday 11/12/2017

Butcher Braxton is overpowered for etc especially at etc tower and above . 9 power with its Regan and it's hard to close the life gap with other cards available in polit and z palace . Personally I feel it comes to 50-50 when facing butcher . If I lose 1 fight against butcher at round 2 or 3 , I usually loose the game .

friday 08/12/2017

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