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sunday 18/11/2007

We're sorry but not for the moment ..

thursday 15/11/2007

Well how do you know who is the best?like in daily tourny they will update the ranking every now and then..but if guild?

saturday 10/11/2007

Yes, at last ...

This is one of the improvements that UR was nedding a long time ago...

Keep it up

Leeeeet meeeeeeeeeeee play pleasse

friday 09/11/2007

Check it out here: http://www.tcgplayer.com/db/game_review.asp?AID=2008&PID=33&DBID=4

wednesday 07/11/2007

Ye sounds like a good idea to me too , as new players that join the game can never catch up on the ones that play this game for months ...

saturday 03/11/2007

friday 02/11/2007

Littletk WMD
Nitz52 LoA
Desert Rabbit
0 Jellyfish 0
DE-warr kid

Ok so you are 26 smiley Inscriptions closed I create a new topic with the groups smiley

I don't think it's unfair because when you're higher lvl,you meet less noobs and less inactive players.When you're lvl 1-10 you get to meet something like 2-6 noobs per tourney smiley however I wish there was the thing that when you lvlup a card you gain more exp but that doesn't work...

tuesday 30/10/2007

>>>>Lea Far,
maybe you havent change your clan since you started this game. the clan who has the most cards in a fight will have the background. for example,
the background of the uppers is the building with the uppers sign on it.
the background of allstars is the stadium.
the freaks is the circus with the big clown face.
the sahkrom is the building like tower with many sahkrom signs on it.
so observe it...

monday 29/10/2007

Wtf do you need help with?????????

Check this out.. ?id_player=974750, a level 9 player who tops in yesterdays tournament.. take note that he/she can sell cards so i think someone owns this account and it is his/her 2nd account or so.. kindly look at this situation i think someone just broke rule # 1.

sunday 28/10/2007

Stop this please we told you that this is the wong place in your other thanx

Why are people typing in caps lock.smileysmiley

Admins please can you close this topic i think it has been made over 3 times in the same period of time and its in the wrong place lol


saturday 27/10/2007

Never mind, it's sorted itself out... I was just a little too fast posting here.

Sorry for spamming the board

friday 26/10/2007

I don't get it? if you lose you have to private sell it for 50 clintz?

This is awesome... is it just for the US or what? I've seen screenshots of people with different interfaces, I guessed different countried. This is so cool!

Hey........for those who wants to know larry's ability,here it is: Support: Power + 1

wednesday 24/10/2007

You know what's the weirdest?The fact that sometimes it takes a lot to timeout...last night I waited for about 6 minutes for a guy to timeout...another one just waited until the end and surrendered...in a tourney these ppl are a pest :/ I think the timeout limit should be something like 1-2 minutes,not more.And no matter even if he does something he should still get kicked for waisting time.I tried to see how long it takes to lose by timeout and went to the bathroom.When I was back it was still my turn and I played the game till the end...how come this happens?Oh and Soccerboy31 :\ I think that if you want to play some card game with attack and deffence,you should probably try Yu-Gi-Oh smiley or MTG...why not WoW TCG?There are so many card games that you can play other than this one.If you don't like the way this game is played,don't play it.

monday 22/10/2007

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Then lets have 2 tournaments, 1 for newbies and 1 for the ones who been there longer......i know there is ELO, but its more fun in the fast and short tournaments......

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