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thursday 24/01/2008

I have sent a message to a moderator. Slovenia's highest lvl person is 35.
Why not us, level 20's?

tuesday 22/01/2008

see this, he is a rare!!!!!!!

How did you guys get that?

friday 18/01/2008

Why is my name there? ehehsmiley

thursday 17/01/2008

Dont like the stars but the rest is ok not spektakular but good

wednesday 09/01/2008

That happens to me from time to time and i just have to restart internet explorer and it works again

tuesday 08/01/2008

Rescue very annoying but good to use spend loads of money on gheist and nightmare and it will be a walk in the park

Thank you I never thought I will be considered as third. Thank you.

thursday 03/01/2008

Happy new year! Play fair, all!

wednesday 02/01/2008

Happy new year

How Do You Get Ur Prices In The Elo Tournament!!!

Will It Be Given Directly To The Players?? How Bout If You Win The Random Cards??



tuesday 01/01/2008

If someone doesnt respond you can try to fight with me :smiley

@PanzerElement: Yes, you don't. It's quite annoying when I am about to be in the top 100 but only a few points off. smiley Does anyone know why they do this though?

thursday 27/12/2007

Hmm... maybe something went wrong...

but anyway, thanks for the gift URBAN RIVALS and the people behind it... it was really nice of u..


wednesday 26/12/2007

Lolz..jade just close this thread..smiley no need to be sorry..smiley
i don't want this to get out of hand either..just look at the date..smiley

tuesday 25/12/2007

Hahaha have you bought a cr for 50 clintz?

@Raynos evo... Yeah, I've used that expression once or twice, too. It IS contagious.

monday 24/12/2007

Try to open a tournament first so that kind players may donate some prizes for the winners.

Ok,, thnaks, thasts the case in most battles

sunday 23/12/2007

Let's vote gor the next Cr, I hold Lamar for Cr

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