thursday 19/04/2007

ATTENTION here the composition of the deck imposed for those which will pass in eliminatory phases:


sunday 15/04/2007

Oh well, this kinda sucks, I didn't get any reply from my group and didn't even see them at all......Good luck to the qualifiers.smileysmiley

friday 13/04/2007

I awaits all your results before this evening midnight smiley

wednesday 11/04/2007

Again your mail-system failed me so I have to do things this way.
I have been trying to play the tournament (10:30 am Australian time) and discovered my name does not appear on the list of challengers...thus I am not challenged.I am not set to invisible or anything...and re-booting hasn't worked.
I'm not a happy camper....I've put a LOT of time and money into this game and only get the chance at 2 tournaments a day.With can see it takes me 10 days to be able to buy at the this is a significant set-back for me.

wednesday 04/04/2007

Well I've been waiting and no word at all...oh well, thanks anyway.

Lool Raven, e clar k sunt numai d la ei din ghilda pt k shtiu k dak ne-ar primi p noii, fratzii din KV n-ar avea nici o shansa

tuesday 03/04/2007

Can u please list the players that are already registered in the tournament, thanks! smiley

monday 02/04/2007

Sorry guys, but the inscriptions are closed, 69-JP is the 16th player, sorry for not counting the players earlier

I'll post the groups later today

sunday 01/04/2007

Okay thank you very much apprecite it smiley

I know me its more to lazy to keep editing name smiley and its commen sense when playin in elo mode that han/evo ect no longer tsaking into consideration

saturday 31/03/2007

Ok thanks redge i have some problems with englishsmiley

friday 23/03/2007

Seriously....Were did you learn WAKIKIKIsmiley

saturday 17/03/2007

You have beat me with 8-2 not 7-2:smiley

friday 09/03/2007

When the number of serious player increases maybe, so how do we get the money back?

wednesday 07/03/2007

Hey ppl, this is posted in the wrong topic so don't post here!!!! Can't you read "Wrong post!" smiley Mods/admins, please lock this thread.

tuesday 06/03/2007

Harstar you should be the last one calling some1 a looser cuz you cant even handle a tournament of your own

sunday 04/03/2007

You telling me these people are WHACK!!!

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