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thursday 06/09/2007

Can anyone help me organize a tournament?Iwould really like that.Thank you anyway.


wednesday 05/09/2007

Hell yeah!!! hmmmn...
goodluck to all ov us....
gg to all!!!

Hey, interesting idea. I'm up for the challenge, of course. Sven, game on! smiley

monday 03/09/2007


saturday 01/09/2007

wednesday 29/08/2007

sunday 12/08/2007

No comment,peace my friends.
I just "taught" myself how to do the winning from time to time,i am not cheating(you can even call the mods/admins in the game).Just like a song,has its chords and pluckings,i try to "didscover".I am not a guy who used to copy people's work or strategies.
You said no refuse,of course i am playing evo and at the bio there refuse means no refuse on elo.I knew it from the very first point of this thread was to target my name because i won lots of tournament this week.
PERIOD.I call my friend to close the subject and let him decide if he blacklist you or not.

thursday 26/07/2007

I'm in too !!!

monday 23/07/2007

THIS THREAD SHOULD BE CLOSED lol seriously , it obvious nuthin gonna come out of it except confusion

wednesday 18/07/2007

saturday 07/07/2007

"Note, cirisguela man cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits)."
"9 characters out of 260."

you have only 9 characters, so I doubt you have dragan cr, marlysa cr and jackie

you can't sell characters that means you can't give the prizes

this sounds like a way to trick people into giving you cards

I only approved this subject in order to send a warning, next time you or another player post a subject like this one it will lead to instant blacklist and the posibility of banning your account.

this thread is closed.

friday 06/07/2007

Wow great thread , what's it's purpose smiley

thursday 05/07/2007

Wew cool smiley
i'd like to se Page or Nahi smiley

tuesday 26/06/2007

Ah sorry my mistakesmiley thanks sven

monday 04/06/2007

So that means tha anione of us can make a tournament?

Yeah, sure I play while I work smiley They go well together, unlike no game I ever played. I'm a web developer, so I have to use the Internet. Unless I'm stressed about launching a new project, UR is up and running from 9 to 5 smiley Go KV!

saturday 02/06/2007

The Admins are currently looking into this situation. This thread will be closed as we will be looking into the events that transpired and making decisions based on the events that occured.


sunday 27/05/2007

monday 21/05/2007

Congrats :0)
I have 32,5 points, probably 5th or 6th place...

saturday 19/05/2007

Today at 00:26 ..you beat critter269 (8-2) - you received : 1 points and 1 clintz
Today at 00:21 ..you narrowly escaped from critter269 (3-1) - you received : 18 points and 5 clintz
Today at 00:16 ..you narrowly escaped from critter269 (4-2) - you received : 20 points and 5 clintz

i beat critter, fiuh i'm lucky there

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