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sunday 06/05/2007

Good luck Fotjik...smiley
based on my experience on this = 7-lejdn-7 or link will win(luck decides for no one)
7-lejdn-7 in 3rd round if he knows hes falling apart-he waste his pillz...thats all my advice playing that guy on elo smiley

I figured people where cheating in the dailies because to get that many points saying you played 30 duels which is rolling you would have to score 28.9 points a duel impossible without cheating

thursday 03/05/2007

I win against Mathmagic 3-2. It was realy nice duel, he is good...

tuesday 01/05/2007

Well here's your dillema.. what if their unevovled cards suddenly evolve in their ELO deck... will they be kicked from the room? there is the Danger zone, thats the best ELO environment there is, im actually happy to see noobs in the DZ practicing their math while being seniors. lets just keep it that way,
GGs! smiley

saturday 28/04/2007

Conta comigo...

friday 27/04/2007

One player contacted me that we should play the match... so I suppose there is listing for next round on french forum... but here is nothing, why? Ive tried to view the french forum, but I found I dont know how to change language in this new design... does anyone know?

If you have a problem with the support by email, use the request form, it should always work.

thursday 19/04/2007

ATTENTION here the composition of the deck imposed for those which will pass in eliminatory phases:


sunday 15/04/2007

Oh well, this kinda sucks, I didn't get any reply from my group and didn't even see them at all......Good luck to the qualifiers.smileysmiley

friday 13/04/2007

I awaits all your results before this evening midnight smiley

wednesday 11/04/2007

Again your mail-system failed me so I have to do things this way.
I have been trying to play the tournament (10:30 am Australian time) and discovered my name does not appear on the list of challengers...thus I am not challenged.I am not set to invisible or anything...and re-booting hasn't worked.
I'm not a happy camper....I've put a LOT of time and money into this game and only get the chance at 2 tournaments a day.With math....you can see it takes me 10 days to be able to buy at the market.....so this is a significant set-back for me.

wednesday 04/04/2007

Well I've been waiting and no word at all...oh well, thanks anyway.

Lool Raven, e clar k sunt numai d la ei din ghilda pt k shtiu k dak ne-ar primi p noii, fratzii din KV n-ar avea nici o shansa

tuesday 03/04/2007

Can u please list the players that are already registered in the tournament, thanks! smiley

monday 02/04/2007

Sorry guys, but the inscriptions are closed, 69-JP is the 16th player, sorry for not counting the players earlier

I'll post the groups later today

sunday 01/04/2007

Okay thank you very much apprecite it smiley

I know me its more to lazy to keep editing name smiley and its commen sense when playin in elo mode that han/evo ect no longer tsaking into consideration

saturday 31/03/2007

Ok thanks redge i have some problems with englishsmiley

friday 23/03/2007

Seriously....Were did you learn WAKIKIKIsmiley

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