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monday 12/02/2007

Here are the semi finals : Kv raven vs o-jp , ravnica vs jericho.... tough games... good luck ..

friday 09/02/2007

NO, a definite NO.

When the capabilities of a player, in terms of buying, would destroy the game.

Increase in prices, decreases demand, in this terms, decrease interest in the game. The game then would suck.

thursday 08/02/2007

You can get all the details in "Staff announcement". smiley

Here are the quarter finals:
kv nivroth vs jericho
supremo vs kv raven
finga vs o-jp
kv karkus vs ravnica

good luck everibody, all very strong players, i'm happy i'm not in....smiley

thursday 01/02/2007

Hey angelo1961, regarding your tournament, I can't post there so I thought I'd post here instead. A question.

How are we going to play our matches with other people since everyone is from different countries and timezones, they'll login at different times?


Ok.... about decks, if you dont trust each other send me your deck list by mp...by the way... if you want the pricemoney to increase then send me a card on my account as inscription fee... inscriptions are closed... we will start the tournament on monday ...i'll put the fight list on another topic... good luck people smiley

monday 29/01/2007

i play my first tournament today and ended up 93 with 227 Battle points.

friday 12/01/2007

Maybe taking away cards or temporary bans

sunday 07/01/2007

Nslchaosfast u want battle ok go to dark cong

thursday 04/01/2007

Sigh, next year then.....congrats to the winners....

sunday 31/12/2006

Closed subject, edition on January 01st smiley

Hello nivroth
now just change da number....geesmiley

monday 25/12/2006

Tnx i will go to danger zonesmiley

friday 15/12/2006

That player, who was on turn when the game was time-out cannot play any match for 1 hour. A think, that is is fair. If you lost connection, you cannot play, if you time-out, because you was losing, you got penalty.
That will solve problems with time-outs in AELO mode and ind Daily Tournaments of course too.

thursday 14/12/2006

I have got kinjo, ratana, yookie, alexie,e ryton, carlos, striker and lewis in my deck. You should probalby buy new blood.

tuesday 12/12/2006

friday 08/12/2006

I created a topic about this, please vote there smiley

thursday 07/12/2006

Count me in2 go english



you nutter

Guild war sounds cool though

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