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monday 31/12/2018

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Sorry, it was La Junta W4r Ld.

friday 28/12/2018

Wilo Ld is a poor noel substitute. I would have preferred UR not ruining a holiday tradition over the gift.

tuesday 25/12/2018

Travis LD is a new Uranus now

saturday 22/12/2018

Alpha Dergn is like mage and omega dergn like a tank lol smiley

friday 21/12/2018

thursday 20/12/2018

It uses pre set hands. I personally like it but I understand some people wont.

wednesday 19/12/2018

tuesday 18/12/2018

Are both of you just going off the line saying "You won an amount of Clintz and 1 Credit"? That one shows a credit at all times even if you ranked lower than top third.

The line above it is correct though, "Well done!.." if you got the credit and "Too bad,..." if not.

monday 17/12/2018

Reduce Nega D Ld power to 7 please. That way players couldn't so easily get away with playing him with 10 pillz in round 4 and never another round, as he could be more easily outpilled

friday 14/12/2018

Bring back hard reset. Just so boring. And of course, -30 +6

thursday 13/12/2018

Thank you batdut5

monday 10/12/2018

sunday 09/12/2018

Win 13 rounds with Curie

friday 07/12/2018

Wtf Crook down to 1.9M

No way is Waldegrin a big, I personally consider it even to be one of the weaker damage exchange cards (Blast and Valhalla are still the best picks) in ELO. Average damage in ELO must be around 4 at max (not including damage abilities/bonuses) making Waldegrin something like a 9/4 on average. You shouldn't block with 5* really unless they're duel threats due to high damage. Waldegrin's variable and generally lower damage kneecaps him hard.

In Survivor the card is quite excellent however, neutralising many cards but also having big weaknesses - e.g. Surstromming obliterates Waldegrin.

Missandei is coming next and she's broken. Crook is more broken than I first thought and IMO is one of the top 3 big 5* cards for sure. Good at winning with 8 power and SOB, decent on defeat and monstrous on a win.

sunday 25/11/2018

Great news!

Clint City News October November 2018 issue is online and available for free PDF download!

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkh7h8c4us54jdp/Clint City News October-November 2018 EN.pdf?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/7efeuugb5bpt9q8/Clint City News Octobre-Novembre 2018 FR.pdf?dl=0

Now you can enjoy reading the issue anywhere in the city!
Have fun!
CCN staff

Nice bonus for the top survivor players of the week smiley

thursday 22/11/2018

Wait, not certainly a Dominion but definitely the All Star

hot logo UR 63 messages

You know it's kinda sad that Piranas aren't actually roaming the 7 seas but rather stay in the Clint City port

wednesday 21/11/2018

I try to avoid complaining on the forums, but I find the discontinuation of Arcade extremely ... frustrating.

Over the last couple months I have been trying to tackle Arcade mode. I have paid to unlock every level, slogged through all the stars on normal, and intentionally lost dozens of matches to complete all of the missions.

Now my options are to get frustrated trying to grind out all of the hardcore levels, or be frustrated with all of the prizes I'm leaving on the table. smiley

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