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friday 08/12/2006

I created a topic about this, please vote there smiley

thursday 07/12/2006

Count me in2 go english



you nutter

Guild war sounds cool though

wednesday 06/12/2006

I sorry but I didn't quite get the point, could you clear it?

tuesday 28/11/2006

saturday 25/11/2006

thursday 23/11/2006

I think that Kmathie has a point... Some player may have payed for Pussycats their hard earned clintz, and now when they finally have them, they will be banned and their price will go down. But I also agree that something must be done, cos Pussycats are over-powered in ELO... what about banning just one them? Or maybe making the strong couple (chosen from poll) collector ( Cr ) and made new Pussycat, not so powerful... I think that can be also an option... Maybe the the best will be to ban one of them, and make the other collectors, so one of them will go down with price, while the other one will go up...

tuesday 21/11/2006

I was just looking through the daily tournaments history and what caught my attention was that in the last tourney I had the same number of points as the guys on places 24 and 25, but ended up 26. So my question is - wouldn't it be more fair that players with the same number of battle points are put on one place ex aequo? I feel a bit cheated.

monday 20/11/2006

In Last week's ELO, even after i'd won my share of ELO, the "ELO Ranking" content did not change as fast.

This week's ELO still has not been finalzed of its results yet. I was expecting a message from Kate by now reporting my week's of ELO results.

Is this a major bug in the game? Admin please look into it. thanks.

thursday 02/11/2006

One time I was battling evilsmileythen I won the first round second third then the final round I won. Oh and this story is truesmiley smiley

saturday 28/10/2006

thursday 19/10/2006

A tornament of brazilians peoples and argentin peoples

sunday 15/10/2006

^__smiley__^how to starr the toument?smiley

friday 13/10/2006

i think the first one is at 4 to 5 30....
the second at 9 30 to 11

tuesday 10/10/2006

I think its a good idea i think one should happen every two weeks notify me because I have 85% or something like that of the cards and the way its going I can help with prizes or even be a great competitor in the tournament lemme know whats going on ight?

tuesday 03/10/2006

Its already there, hit ELO Tournments on the tournaments menu

sunday 01/10/2006

Learn to fightsmileysmiley

saturday 30/09/2006

Hi,my name is chris97 i'm wish win to tournament or leaguesmileysmileysmiley

saturday 23/09/2006

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