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tuesday 20/02/2018

logo UR 14 messages

Cool! smiley

friday 16/02/2018

My predection are ghostown, raptors, senitel and uppers

thursday 15/02/2018

Change andy ld and krazan mod.. smiley

It's already over though.
If you still are interested, it is 41 Damages with Wardog.

Reward is 5 Credits.

On a side note, perhaps McLayton will be a NewBlood similar to Van Heckton with the same stats expect has the ability: Equaliser: Power +2. Just a personal prediction.

wednesday 14/02/2018

Thank you! smiley

monday 12/02/2018

Time to give us new missions and stop this boring mode.

friday 09/02/2018

hot logo UR 59 messages

Yeah, why are these cards still on the market???? wtf? smiley

thursday 08/02/2018

Next time i'll use a better survivor t2 deck smiley

I personally do not think John Doom decks spot a high win-rate in Tourney T1 or helps to great effect compared to T2 to be honest overall. I hardly see top T1 Tourney decks using him.

Not every card on the deck benefits from the boost John Doom provides, he can give a lot of easy points for beating him. An opponent with SOA, Protection Power or a reasonable attack manipulator can cause trouble for that kind of deck to be effective.

wednesday 07/02/2018

Ive been playing this game pretty much since it started. Just for the the old school players that were playing when rathanah was 6500 clintz in the market and the only thing I wanted to save for was a graksmxxt smiley I saw the banner with Kenny and Bryan on the side of a search screen and I just felt compelled to try it out. Instantly fell in love with the game. I would be so sad if I just saw all of the time I put into it with my cards, ELO, EFC, whatever you want to call it next and rising to the top all just disappear. Thank you staff for creating a wonderful game!! If i had to use my input on the matter though, there's a couple things I would do.
I feel like everyone liked being able to give their opinion on what should be done with new arrivals and borderline acceptable cards for ELO. It made me feel like I had a say at least on what cards should be allowed. I think I might speak on behalf of anyone else reading this too when I say that. The whole EFC tower system is very confusing and you have to constantly change your deck to fit the situation which can get annoying after a while if you keep flip flopping between areas.

monday 05/02/2018


Go on the website
Select Game - Game Rules - The Game - Game Modes - EFC Rewards and Seasons
The list is accurate and up to date from checking it.

Alternatively Click the Link Below:

friday 02/02/2018

Coliseum is nice too. Maybe an event similar to the Fast Johnny and Skinny Bob to determine which card is an Uncommon and which card gets to be an Ld?

thursday 01/02/2018

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Huracan, Freaks, All Stars, and GhosTown.

wednesday 24/01/2018

From the looks of it the new leader seems to be from Arcade?

Even in a half deck, a 7/2 +6Atk is decent.

sunday 21/01/2018

saturday 20/01/2018

logo UR 23 messages

I got Anna, lol.

friday 19/01/2018

Electrozova, Black Eye, Polit, Fire Angels

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