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monday 11/12/2017

Butcher Braxton is overpowered for etc especially at etc tower and above . 9 power with its Regan and it's hard to close the life gap with other cards available in polit and z palace . Personally I feel it comes to 50-50 when facing butcher . If I lose 1 fight against butcher at round 2 or 3 , I usually loose the game .

friday 08/12/2017

Oh was close got 92 bronze onessmiley

thursday 07/12/2017

Ghostown, sakrohm, vortex, piranas, check home page

tuesday 05/12/2017

I reached the 8th stage in Hardcore (Adv.2), but although it was a win, on the third round after I played my card, the screen froze and both the cards played turned gray, and I could not play my last card. When I restarted the app I was back to HQ 1 smiley

monday 04/12/2017

Nice. The Design is simple, maybe too much, but i liked. The reviews are good, but kind the point system must change: Newell is a 60/60.

Anyways, keep the good work.

W4r Is hurracan
St4rve is roots
Dea4th is piranhas
With riots and raptors joining the hive and ghostown in season 5. Just predictions but we'll see how it turns out.

logo UR 23 messages

Yeah he's hard to face. Especially if you are up in Polit or Z, it's hard to rock an mono Gheist or Roots, running them half makes it difficult to have the bonus on and cards with SOA ability aren't very abundant or are in a clan without many good cards.

sunday 03/12/2017

I stunk but I'll be happy with my Blaaster Cr from when I got lucky facing ya.

thursday 30/11/2017

Yeh. It ends with smiley

tuesday 28/11/2017

Personally, I would keep the lottery results secret.

There is the risk of security and players complaining about why some won the #General Cr if the results were revealed in public.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr tuesday 28/11/2017, 01:26

saturday 25/11/2017

No, duke gives protection damage to everyone. Not cancel damage.

friday 24/11/2017

There's already a thematic weekend for Survivor this weekend @K U N T A

thursday 23/11/2017

@Maana CRX

I feel there should be be a daily limit for free credits that increase with every ten levels that makes it harder for a multi account users to benefit from, but at the same time allow new players an incentive to play more to raise their levels.

Although that 3rd option I want to elaborate on, what about premade rental decks or rental cards for new players from like level 1-30 that rotate clans/decks each week because I remember when I started the game I had no idea who I liked or wanted to use so a way for new players to test cards/clans and learn about the different abilities and strategies would be great(of course not give them completely op cards like korr cr). In addition to learning about the game they also get to build a good surplus of clintz before they need to build their own decks, so they aren't using all of the bottom of the barrel cards.

sunday 19/11/2017

Who was the moron who though naga D ld wasnt strong enough? can we at least get his ability adjusted so it takes effect immediately? come on.... this thing is just brutal. wake up staff, he needed a nerf not a buff to 9 damage.... idiots

hot logo UR 109 messages

Uchtul Cr is still for sale, so I guess he's not going to be a Mt, but part of the reason why the other 3 leaves the place.

You can't trust staffs these days, they alr made a lot of lies so no wonder scarlet and manon will go myth tomorrow smiley
i still remember the last Cr batch this year and the serafina announcement, how can i trust the "it will be playable Crs"

you just keep making bunch of lies and i don't think this game will survive another 1-2 years like this since i feel like most of us here are above 18 and mostly ranged between 20-25 (?) and yes we can afford to buy the packs and get the cards even if you lie to us but i don't think we will play your game a lot.
i remember i've played DT on normal days and only around 100-200 players ? and when the mission for butcher out it's like 400-500 ? i forget but i know the diff since i've played 4-5x/DT and the rank difference too big.

btw the last time i saw dounia's price on market like 2-3 days ago around 1.9M LOL expect her MT price smiley

saturday 18/11/2017

We're the flash missions added again to give people another opportunity or because their weren't enough Butcher Braxton's in circulation.

friday 17/11/2017

The arcade mode is pretty fun. Its sad that it became full pay2play.
I admit I bought two or three adventures because I like the idea of a single player mode. However, it looked to me like a waste of credits.

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