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monday 06/06/2016

Urban Salem!

prizes are set we need 4 more players to start! lets go guys!

sunday 05/06/2016

@Licker: it will be up to your guild's decision smiley

@rb2008: different guilds for sure!

Oh say can you see by the Dawn early light...

smiley A gamble? Or will a rich son of a biscuit throw in a Lyse Teria Cr and take the entire pot?

friday 03/06/2016

Sports Mayhem one of sports biggest events.
It will have 10 qualifiers.

The 10 qualifiers will be
F1 racing
Horse riding

Top 4 from each qulifier will make it to the main event.

Qualifier events prizes.
1. Jim Cr + Into main event
2. Caelus Cr + Into main event
3. Sylth Cr + Into main event
4. Chiara Cr + Into main event

In the main event
We will kick off with 40 players,
Prizes for main event.

1. Guru Cr
2. Marlysa Cr
3. Kerozinn Cr
4. Melissa Cr

Sports Mayhem

First two Qualifiers are open now get joining!
Football Qualifier

Lets show UR what sports were good at smiley

wednesday 01/06/2016

Show your loyalty to the Frog by changing your name to idolize the crazy little guy, then join this lotto! It's the least you can do for someone who died for your sins smiley

Euro Cup 2016

Bet on the results of matches at the Euros and win prizes.

Actually 0, spots are gone now. And I wasn't lieing, you weren't responding to PM's smiley

sunday 29/05/2016

I'm physically level 33. Mentally level 156.

wednesday 25/05/2016

Pogrom Clintz City vol.2

You can sign up Your Team in english tab.

Teams = 1Leader+4 players

The Leader functions:
Before each stage, he will send to me pm with info, which clans play players and which number they have.
Before we start event, Leader have to tell in english tab, which clan he chose - he will play this clan i whole event. and cant change.
Rest of teams can freely change clans before each stages.
Each clans have to be chosen, and each number from 1 to 4 have to be chosen before each stages.
You will have 5 faction to choose, and each faction will have 5 different clans - each faction will have 4 places.

Each team will have 2 life points, if they lose their fights with another team - they lose 1 life points. If You lose 2 life points YOUR OUT from event.
So even if You lose 1 "war"- you can still get to the top

In French Tab, The Leaders will have to oportunity to declarete war
The team that has been challenged can not be challenged by another, dominated by the rule of priority.

Leaders will always fights with each other
The Leader in private message will send to me info about place and clan for each players from his team.
LeaderŁ MacQrgo Roots.
1. Mike - Montana
2. Bruno - GHEIST
3. Alec - Rescu
4. Monika - Piranas.

And when i receive a pm from teams who will fights with each other, war will always looks like:

leaders v leades to 5 winning games
number 1 with number 1 to 5 winning games
number 2 with number 2 to 5 winning games
number 3 with number 3 to 5 winning games
number 4 with number 4 to 5 winning games
win 1 points.
lose- 0 points
draw - not count

Team who will have more points will win war, the other will lose 1 life point.
in the case of a tie, direct fights of leaders decide who won

Stage 1
HP 12 Pillz 10
9 cards
Max 28*
no doubled
no undeveloped
no cr
no elo bans
no leaders

Stage 2
HP 13 Pilzz 11
9 cards
Max 29*
no doubled
no undeveloped
no cr
no elo bans
no leaders

Stage 3
HP 14 Pilzz 12
9 cards
Max 30*
no doubled
no undeveloped
no cr
no elo bans
no leaders

Stage 4
HP 14 Pilzz 12
9 cards
Max 30*
no doubled
no undeveloped
no leaders

Stage 5 - each next to the emergence of 4 teams
HP 12 Pilzz 10
Deck T1

If we finally have 4 teams, deck will be elo, and will apply the system Cup 1vs1

1. Team
Lider: Big5 - to chose
Rest of Team: Dragan Cr + Armanda Cr + 10 gold tokenz

2. Team
Lider: Marlysa Cr + 20 gold tokenz
Rest of Team: Tessa Cr + 20 silver tokenz

3. Team
Lider: Scarlett Cr + Flavio Cr + 10 gold tokenz
Rest of Team: Kerozinn Cr + 20 bronze tokenz

4. Team
Lider: Aldebaran Cr
Rest of Team: Jim Cr

Thx for Raquela smiley

tuesday 24/05/2016

Medal Run - Q4 - custom

fourth and last qualifier

edited by mihalll7_UM tuesday 24/05/2016, 13:14

monday 23/05/2016

He's obviously trolling, this isn't a proper event.

saturday 21/05/2016

Hello everyone, here is the result of the lottery :

1x Striker Rb for Ketain Ket
1x Lost Hog Cr for Tiago Vieira
3x Mechakolos for Mpkstroff
2x El Divino for AfDeD
3x Karrion for DestruidoRx7
10x Lin Bee Cr for NAKeler18
5x Morlha Rb for Giannikus

Thanks smiley

thursday 19/05/2016

Bonjour à tous, j'organise cette petite loterie pour plaire à quelques joueurs, si vous souhaitez participer aux dons me envoyer un message privé.

Pour le tirage au sort je vois avec un modérateur au cours de la fin de la semaine afin que tout est correct et juste.

La loterie est gratuit, donc ne pas hésiter à venir, et s'il y a beaucoup plus de joueurs que ce que je pensais que je voudrais ajouter plus de cartes.


wednesday 18/05/2016

monday 16/05/2016

sunday 15/05/2016

I'm closing this. Mods can reopen this if the host comes back.

I'm closing this considering the host is banned.

All the players from the top 1/3 of the Tournament will win 1 Credit(s).
Example: 300 players played. You must rank 100 or higher to get 1 credit.


friday 13/05/2016

Due to start in 1 week and 1 day, join up and tell your friends!

thursday 12/05/2016

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