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sunday 27/12/2015

Good morning guys, join our new contest on Instagram! Upload a photo in this social with the hashtag #playingur. The most innovative and original photo will be rewarded with gold tokenz!

friday 25/12/2015

Any volunteers to get shanked? UR's pissing me off and I need to stab something.

wednesday 23/12/2015

Hello all, I'm adding these goals, so if you want to change your goal, message me:
1. Earn 5 Million Clintz
2. Reach Eternal rank

Also, if you have already achieved one of the game mode goals, but want to get better at that game mode, message me and I can make you a personal goal. For example: if your Elo record is 1430 (that's over 1400), then I will allow you to use "reach 1450 in elo" as your goal.

If you need a clearer explanation, want to change your goal, or have any other questions, my inbox is always open.

One more thing. If you want your goal to be switched to "earn 5 Million Clintz," send me a screenshot of how much your collection is currently worth.

tuesday 22/12/2015

thursday 17/12/2015

Sigh I cant confirm the prices

Hoping to get the RPS Tournament rolling again. Unlike previous times, this will be a lot simpler.
If successful, I will definitely look to make bigger tournaments with better prizes once again!
As a sign of appreciation to those who wish to support this, the Top 8 of this tournament will also receive free entry to one of those bigger tournaments in the future!

Join The deleted Event Today! smiley

wednesday 16/12/2015

This is my first mafia event. It won't start for a month due to coming up with ideas and getting of access. But just wanting to see interest. Only 24 people. Will be very unique hopefully.

tuesday 15/12/2015

January Calendar - 2016 -

Stage 1: Unlock 1st day: Reward: 250 Clintz.
Stage 2: Unlock All days up to the 3rd: Reward: 700 Clintz.
Stage 3: Unlock All days up to the 6th: Reward: 2,000 Clintz.
Stage 4: Unlock All days up to the 10th: Reward: 4,500 Clintz.
Stage 5: Unlock All days up to the 15th: Reward: 8,000 Clintz.
Stage 6: Unlock All days up to the 20th: Reward: 15,000 Clintz.
Stage 7: Unlock All days up to the 25th: Reward: 20,000 Clintz.

Stage MAX: Unlock All days To the end of the Month:

Reward: All participants will receive 25,000 Clintz.

One random player wins: Chiara Cr

If you fail your streak of days, you will receive your stage prize and eliminated afterwards.

*********** Opening applicants: 31st December 2015: 4pm UK time. Applicant MAX: 8. ***********

◄█ Coming Soon To Clint City! 2016 █►

Please Rate The Event.


friday 11/12/2015

I think spam is over , anyways boring lets spamsmiley

tuesday 08/12/2015

Random Deck Memory II

Random Deck Memory II

128 players maximum, for 7 weeks, round of 1 week

Round 1: beginning

each player play against 3 opponents in 3 battles, best 64 qualified

rounds 2 at 4: Mystery

3 sub events with différents deckrules
- 1 deck 23*
- 1 deck 25* (elo revisit)
- 1 deck 27* (without collectors and some cards)

Everyone have to register in all subevents at registration moment
You play against 1 opponent in 5 winning battles on a subevent ( randomly selected before matchs)

Quarters and semi finals:

You play against 1 opponent in 2 winnings sets of 4 winning matchs. Deckrules change between each set ( 3 deckrules are the same than before but one for each set in a order randomly selected. You can change your deck 1 time in each set but you must keep it until the end of the set)

final: 1 vs 1 like semi and quaters finals but in 2 winning sets of 5 winning matchs

saturday 05/12/2015

2 more for army of Baleigh join if you want

If I am not mistaken, the staff said that there will still be a Noel card

friday 27/11/2015

Every players have to register in the Portugese part

Shogun 2.0

Once upon a time in the japan....It's the EDO Era
16 ancestral clans will compete for the shogunate, during epic battles!!!!

Each clan is represented by 5 players:
2 samouraïs
2 ninjas
1 général

Every clan's member have its own format:
Samouraïs play Elo format with some banned caracthers
Ninjas will play a 27* ELO rules format
Generals play 30* ELO rules format+Ashigaru necessary

Rules about format are simple. The event starts frow the newest cards to the older.
Every period is defined by a special cards-time: 2015/2013, 2012/2010 et 2009/2007
Battles are done by clan vs clan, loosers will be directly eliminated
The event is done on three weeks of intense battlessmiley

Winning prizes :
1st clan : 1M pour chaque joueur
2d : 800K
3d : 600K

thursday 26/11/2015

The event wich make you think is back!!

who will succeed to 0 Gunner-? 64 player min/ 3000 clintz the entrance.

i'm waitig you

friday 20/11/2015

- New Elo -

Read rules, 1° prize Lyse Teria cr smileysmiley


monday 16/11/2015

Just want to see who would be interested in a 20 life, 13 pillz event that would force you to use a copy of Caelus Cr, Akendram and other magical characters (I'll research the full deck if there's enough participation). Prizes for such an event would naturally need to be decent considering you need a Caelus Cr just to participate. Matches will be beset of 3.

So...who's interested?

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