tuesday 27/06/2017

This is an awesome idea. I'm not much of a collector, but I think it's great to reward those who are.

Try selecting *

monday 26/06/2017

@jouki boy
08:51 Elo ..you beat 1 2 3 3 2 1, Open Casket (10-4) : 152 ELO
08:48 Elo ..you beat RAGNA ROCK, El Circo Maldito (11-4) : 121 ELO
08:46 Elo ..you crushed Grexx 84, Austria Red Devils (14-3) : 93 ELO
08:44 Elo ..you beat noefixe, THE_POWER (11-4) : 64 ELO
08:41 Elo ..you beat DUC-Str1k3r, Dutch Urban Crew (14-10) : 34 ELO

5 matches 152 points smiley if instead of playing the 5 matches today I waited till saturday I would have won more points per match and of course due to the fact I only play 5 matches a week (currently, if I like the changes to prize list and efc becomes truly competitive I'll definitely play more) my score would stay the same while everyone else goes up pretty much ensuring the same or greater points per match in the future weeks

LF-Shivanshu: which cards are you using?

When will the card be given?

sunday 25/06/2017

Im not arguing either!
I never knew about this type of system, thanks for the feed back anyway guys smiley

hot logo UR 31 messages

I've been playing this game for 10 years, and am delighted it still exists. Keep going!

tuesday 20/06/2017

sunday 18/06/2017

@Cat: The match making system is beyond our control but we can only feedback and hope that the developers will do something about it,

friday 16/06/2017

thursday 15/06/2017

Wasted 21 euros for trash . his drop rate is 1 %.
i'll never buy credits again smiley

sunday 11/06/2017

New cards are kind of underpowered
especially to SOA, it's a bit disappointing...

ulu watu and bangers are more stable

Just completed the tutorial. Its good for teaching new players about abilitys.

One of the things I think should be focused on is updateing the artwork on the few cards in the tutorial with old, small, artwork.

wednesday 07/06/2017

^ I have 2 crashes in half an hour. LOL smiley

sunday 04/06/2017

It's called pfullz DB.
Players like Zexo get like 1,6-2k xp each match they play.

saturday 03/06/2017

Yea, in a nutshell, be a manipulator,buy around 400 credits, then manipulate them again
my point is the rewards sucks for beginers in basicly everything,
they should do something for them in special,not including divinity guys in them

thursday 01/06/2017

Credit rewards for newbloods flash missions nerfed again I see...

@Cata87 lol apparently you're new, thematic packs don't guarantee the new character, there would be no point in it if everybody got it.

wednesday 31/05/2017

You can filter them in the collection. Its the last 40 characters released of every clan

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