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tuesday 26/05/2015

This is a big event where you spam spam spam to win!
A chance to win collectors
also main thing is to have fun

Rules are
No double posting no cheating guys

There will be a lot of mini games
I think for a chance of winning a collector you must be good at the mini games and be active.
I promise you it will be fun!
For those who still don't understand this is like deleted
Spared this event around the game!

This is now officially opensmiley
Will last a year also i have asked for it to get sponsored hopefully will have a good collector.
So welcome and have fun.



monday 25/05/2015

sunday 17/05/2015

Bonus info:

Screenshots go here.
Prize is above 10,000 Clintz for the first 3 winners.

Check your ranking here.

If you have a rank, copy paste it in your message to customer support to claim the prize.
Tournament today at 06:00:
There were X players and the jackpot reached Z Clintz.
→ You played in this tournament and ranked Yth/X. (W Clintz + V Credit.)

Also, please check your settings here.

Make sure the item below is checked.
Even if I refuse private msgs, Kate can still send me private msgs (Tournaments, Events, Friendship...).

friday 15/05/2015

Hello there, i participated in a tournament yesterday(14th of May , 17:00-18:00 server time) and accumulated up to ~230 points in total.The point is that I spent 1 hour trying to beat 130lvl players and at the end I didn't receive ANY rewards.However I received a 60 clintz reward from the nect tournament (18:00-19:00 s.t.). I now might be late but I thought I should wait because,as always, bigger rewards take more time to be given. Thanks in advance.smileysmiley

friday 08/05/2015

players erni gk, cavaliers cr and uos shock never response

wednesday 06/05/2015

I thought people would just want a break and do something fun xD

saturday 02/05/2015

Nearly forgot.. -.-

9 more spacessmiley

friday 01/05/2015

5 spots left, join up and don't miss the fun smiley

A la demande du créateur :

¤ Les règles sont inscrites dans l’événement .

Bonne chance !

wednesday 29/04/2015

monday 27/04/2015

Good luck =), i will donate 75k in cards =)

sunday 26/04/2015

I'm not surprised.

thursday 23/04/2015

A new DoS creation has been made by one of my friends, feel free to join and try to get some good cards

Go and try it out yourself

wednesday 22/04/2015

Ever open and prizes ever bigger smileysmiley

tuesday 21/04/2015

friday 17/04/2015

^ 6 spots remaining!

thursday 16/04/2015

Dolly should be counted as collector now. What do you mean by the last statement. I believe you can check your deck for the different respective deck format in your collection.

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