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thursday 24/09/2015

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Im attempting to start up my first event for my guild, However, Each time I input the date, name, and description then create event it instead returns me to the same screen saying there was an error and its possibly due to a duplicate name already existing. I tried so many...many different and random names and I get the same result everytime. Can I get any help here?
asap thank you

monday 21/09/2015

The series has finished, but here's some more events

Dual Duel
Do You Trust Us?
Rack Up Points

sunday 20/09/2015

Giveaway in progress.
check the turkish and french section

I took part in a type 2 tournament and won a lot. I haven't received my results from Kim. I looked at my battle history and all 20 matches were recorded. I won17/20 matches and I'm pretty sure I was in the top 1/3. Is there anyway I can get this fixed or am I just screwed?

saturday 19/09/2015


Fee: Free Event

wednesday 16/09/2015

Nvm. my bad

saturday 05/09/2015

18 Teams could again join. smiley

friday 04/09/2015

tuesday 01/09/2015

MAIN EVENT (Highest score at end of this year)

1. Guru Cr
2. Splata Cr
3. Vickie Cr
4. Tanaereva Cr
5. Jackie Cr

a random Cr of 50k - 200k (announced when BIG GAME starts) for the winner(s) of the game. + Points for MAIN EVENT.

Winner(s) of the mini game win 3 SILVER TOKENZ + POINTS for MAIN EVENT! (also points for players that didn't win but played well)

10 questions :
10 good = 5 GOLD TOKENZ
7-9 good = 5 SILVER TOKENZ
+ each correct answer gives you 1 POINT for MAIN EVENT! (so max 10 each week)

1 POINT = 1.000 CLINTZ!

1. 1 000 000 Clintz
2. 800 000 Clintz
3. 500 000 Clintz

Prices for the finals smiley

tuesday 25/08/2015

10 places left!

sunday 23/08/2015

THANK You for Boomstock
GL for ur life smiley

monday 17/08/2015

Still lot's of space, get your place now smiley

sunday 16/08/2015

saturday 15/08/2015

thursday 13/08/2015

5 more people, join up before it's too late smiley

tuesday 11/08/2015

monday 10/08/2015

Anarchy v.1

no rules, it's easy smiley

Who Murdered Dj Korr? is a non battle event that is free to join and has a small story(if I can even call it that smiley ). If alot of people join, I may let more people join and increase the prizes smiley

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