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saturday 14/03/2015

I need a replacement for Itzzwan Ld on the Green team. This may be your very last chance to join.

The applications are closed but you can still apply to become a Jury (questions are in the Polish section). You have until Sunday 23:59 GMT+0 to post your application. smiley

friday 13/03/2015


Registration starts at 14 March 2015, 1830 GMT+8.
Event starts at 14 March 2015, 1900 GMT+8. Might be earlier depends if the event is filled. This event is approximately 2 hours long.

4 Groups of 4. Top 2 advances. 3 straight matches. 8 players left.
Estimation of duration: 30 mins - 45 mins

8 players will fight it out in 1 v 1 match, 3 winning matches.
Estimation of duration: 30 minutes

4 players will fight it out in a group. 3 straight matches.
Estimation of duration: 30-45 minutes

In case of a draw, priority will goes to...
1) The player that was better in the face-off between the 2 players of the tie.
2) Number of KOs. If your opponents leave any matches, it is counted as a KO.
3) Life gap. Left matches are counted as 0 life points.

Prizes are now more generous! smiley

thursday 12/03/2015

The event has been re-created Community Cup 2015 - EN Qualifier

I don't want bad rumours to spread so I will finish by saying the admins didn't delete the event.

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tuesday 10/03/2015

sunday 08/03/2015

saturday 07/03/2015

thursday 05/03/2015

wednesday 04/03/2015

-Hello guys/gals! I'd love to have you participating in my guild's very first event! If you'd like more details on the event, you can check it out here @ http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=106695!!!

-I love UR and its players enough to allow you to have this experience! Don't miss the opportunity to win something good!

- We plan to have events monthly here at dreadzone and would like to keep this subject open for future events...

Contact Support for any dead events to get them deleted.
All we can do is lock them so that is not very helpful if people are wanting their registration fee back.

tuesday 03/03/2015

Recent Qualifier Open: ★D0S: PUBLIC QUALIFIER 5★

Join up guys! smiley

sunday 01/03/2015

Oh my mistake. I just went to link

friday 27/02/2015

That's a good template.

it looks easier to use than what I use so I will try it for my next one

Still 3 locations

thursday 26/02/2015

For this amount it would obviously not be needed. But as you should be able to see the stakes go from 25-250ksmiley

monday 23/02/2015

I am always searching for replacements

saturday 21/02/2015

Hello to you fan of Doctor Who, if you want a place to discuss around this great series, it is here !
Information as actors of the series' birthdays will be regularly also posted as well as links towards video on the series and towards the new episodes when there will be.
After a total failure of my guild I prefer to create an event which allows to discuss without undertaking in a young guild.

thursday 19/02/2015

wednesday 18/02/2015

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