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wednesday 18/02/2015

tuesday 17/02/2015

The Big Bang Theory

Please Rate smiley ____ +GREEN+ ____ smiley

Thank you for your support!


Staff sponsored, registration opens in an hour. Participate for big prizes.

So, I've just been added to the ET! Yay!

To celebrate, I'd like to give out baby q Rb !

Join #WelcomeToTheEventTeam!

sunday 15/02/2015

friday 13/02/2015

He used to be an admin smiley

wednesday 11/02/2015

Win Or Ponzie-scheme. smiley


Whose ready to test your random deck building skills? This is event it unique, very unique. The only cards you can use come from the "Rares for 50 random players among the remaining players" list on this page: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/game/rankings/elo.php This event is special because that list changes every week so you never know what you'll be in for! I've decided to make this event one that requires a teammate. Here is your task: 1. Join with a teammate 2. Post in the Turkish section your team and team name 3. Sit tight and wait until we begin It is not my fault if you or your teammate go inactive, there are no replacements. So choose wisely! Thanks in advance for participating in my event.

50 Random Cards

tuesday 10/02/2015

How is this corrupt you douche. If anything, it's just a bit of fun. If people want to play Globumm in ELO then let them be. This is just incentive.

sunday 08/02/2015

Elephant's Lottery A quick 48 hour lottery to celebrate Ivory Coast winning the African Cup of Nations for the 2nd time ever smiley

thursday 05/02/2015

T2Restricted Cup
10 spot left for the last sub event smiley

wednesday 04/02/2015

I'm making some lotto's so why don't you join and test your luck for some prizes!


monday 02/02/2015

-Tag Team Championship-
-Cage Fight-

great prices to be won smiley
you're free to take part in only 1 or in all 3 events smiley

sunday 01/02/2015

15 more spots open

sunday 25/01/2015

Only one place remaining

thursday 22/01/2015


Everyone is welcome to join, the entrance fee is 2500 clintz, battles will begin on the 1st Feb 2015, good luck to all and may the best man win.

Ever thought you were better than everyone else? Ever thought that you want to prove yourself as UR's best battler? Well now is your chance! Join the world battle royal for a chance to win big and show everyone who the boss is. Entrants are welcome to join at any point between now and the 1st of February and no one will be turned down, HOWEVER.. there are only 32 spaces, and when they're taken, they're gone! So what are you waiting for? Get signed up straight away and get ready for the fight of your life!

wednesday 21/01/2015

The same procedure as last year? (only germans will get this xD)

tuesday 20/01/2015


The time has come again. God of Elo opens its doors. Who will take this year's title back home? Show what you can and play against the best of the best!

You´re in if you got an Elo Record of 1350 or above.
There will be 6 rounds!
Format Elo!
Entry Fee is 1000 Clintz for each player!
The three best players play against each other in the final


Platz 1.) Marlysa Cr + 50 % vom Jackpot

Platz 2.) Berserkgirl Cr * 50 % vom Jackpot

Platz 3 .) Tessa Cr

thx for support Raquella


Hi everyone,
125 players have come together to fight for the crown!
Before we start the first round, I want to remind you of our rules. Please read them carefully.
After the start of the first round protest against those rules will be ignored.
Please behave properly and play fair. Though, if you have any problems, don't hesitate to send me a message. I will try my best to find a solution for your problems.
Should you have your opponent on your blacklist, please delete him or her from it for proper communication.

- The main language is English.

- Changing your deck against the same opponent is not allowed. Ignoring this rule will result in disqualification (use screenshots as evidence).

- A leave or timeout will only be deleted, if the winner wants and actually states this. In this particular circumstance send me a message.

- If two or more players are tied, the winner will be determined by direct comparison. If this is not possible the life difference in their fights will be the determinating factor.

- Insults, cheating, multiple accounts, etc. will be punished with immediate disqualification.

- If a player

monday 19/01/2015

Hello everyone !! deleted waits you!

I've created an event for the nostalgic who love the old rules (including the use of semi-evo smiley )

Two weeks to play versus all the players in 1 game (all vs all - 1 game)

52 500 clints to join ------> the winner will win 3M in cash

Other prizes will probably be offered by the staff, so the surprises are not over yet .

I wait you all, NANO smiley

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