wednesday 24/09/2014

Its over , sorry for leaving it open

monday 22/09/2014


Fast lotto

sunday 21/09/2014

Pericles* smiley


Welcome to this beta for urban rivals bingo

How it works? On Saturday at 19:00 GMT+0 I will draw numbers from randomorg one by one. The one who gets all 9 numbers first wins the big prize.

How to get bingo cards? There will be various ways:

*You already win a bingo card for joining the event
*The first 4 people to join get a bingo card
*You will have to face 3 other people in 3 winning matches. For every person you beat you win a bingo card (if they are inactive then you can post a screen in the turkish section)
*You can pay 9,000 clints to buy one. This will then be added onto the big jackpot. On Fridays for a certain hour it will be 20 percent off (I will send a pm on the hour)
*There will be a UR quiz on Wednesday where you must submit answers on Friday. The 3 people with the highest scores gain 2 bingo cards

You can choose the 9 numbers for your bingo card. They must not be the exact same numbers as another bingo card (the list of combinations taken will be posted in the spanish section of the event)



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saturday 20/09/2014

WoJ: Lotto No.1

First lotto, with at least 35k in prizes!

friday 19/09/2014

Need you guys smiley

thursday 18/09/2014

To keep up to date with my latest events, join -> The Infinite Universe

Mini Lottery - Games - ​​Challenges ... ready to be placed in the game?

wednesday 17/09/2014

I will be taking over this event for now.

Turret #4

The prizes will change ever so often. smiley

sunday 14/09/2014

saturday 13/09/2014

Sorry, still not the right forum, but better than where it was smiley

friday 12/09/2014

The Twelve Gods of Olympians - Apollo Lottery

- Free entree.
- Minigames smiley!
- Maybe meet some friends?
- Relax and maybe win CARDS!

!!!!!! People get chosen by :!
Printscreen all the Numbers and post it in the comments section!
I never keep the donated cards and i'll List you in the 'Prizes to be won' section , What you gifted! !!!!!!!

The Twelve Gods of Olympians - Apollo Lottery
Join NOW!

Excuse me, I did not edit a poem without telling anyone.

I merely added a hyphen ( - ) after it was requested by the poster

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friday 05/09/2014

Bump while Trippie is on vacation. Join before he gets back!

wednesday 03/09/2014

Join up! Great event made my a great event maker

tuesday 02/09/2014

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