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tuesday 15/11/2016

Raptors do well against Montana

Beat Hardcore with Montana. FYI you can use Crs and non-ELO cards, now...

saturday 12/11/2016

Level 100 to level 102smiley road to level 200

friday 11/11/2016

LMAO discrimination. Are you serious?

thursday 10/11/2016

Where are they

wednesday 09/11/2016

I'm not sure it's good that pussycats are supposed to rely heavily on Ld cards

If the new chat is coming back as an emoji chat I suggest you stop development on that already, its cringe worthy and no one will ever like it.
Just saying, you don't need to listen to my opinion, I'm going to play this game anyway but from what I've seen in other games with emoji chat/chat with fixed phrases that you're supposed to use, It's embarrassing just using it and having it is completely pointless. It honestly is useless in every damn occasion

sunday 06/11/2016

I played the catz target game and reached 150 points but i didnt got the 1 free credit

I agree with wasteroftime

I read somewhere that a person thought it would be a good Idea to rename the old cards CL for Clasic instead of the new ones RB and give the old cards the blue color. I don't remember who this was but I think it's a better solution for it if you want to keep RB's existing instead of just changing the art of the old card. (like you did with Bridget which btw I realy like the new art of) smiley.

Maybe you can do the deckformatstuff like a soccerlineup like 4-4-2 in ur 3x2*-2x3*-2x4*-1x5* ?

saturday 05/11/2016

Got 2 bronze chest( Sayura Cr and Diego Cr) and 1 silver(Swidz cr)...........
I believe the chances are not the same,too.....

friday 04/11/2016

Yeah ymirah hopefully

tuesday 01/11/2016

Power creep in ELO is totally obvious. Outside of ELO though, u have monsters like Jackie Cr already so it doesn't seem as obvious.

Back then 6 power was considered good. Now 6 power is below avg unless there's a good ability to go with it. 5 power was the avg hence why Spycee was actually pretty common and good all stop. Now Spycee is basically barely even used due to power creep.


sunday 30/10/2016

Aaaw, I feel sorry for you now!

I would like to See more coloseums

friday 28/10/2016

When you speak of balance you should understand that there are other people that don't wanna play the whole weekend. smiley
It's like everything else in life. You are not alone.
And as there are many players complaining about this it's not like you did'nt know this before... smiley

And concerning this "old development team"... Is this something I should actually consider?
Nope. It's still Urban Rivals for me. A (non-)trading-card-game that wants to make profit.
If there's somebody who should care for not developing the same "standard" then it's the staff itself. And obviously they won't make the same mistakes again.
So hinting them at the mistakes from the past to prevent them doing the same again can't be wrong. Or did you forget how many left this game after this DM and missions "issue"?

thursday 27/10/2016

#fix the chat please

This clan has just been released, and he has just had an LD, 2 rare 5* cards, and a perfect 2* and 3*, so hold on. Some clans waited for their first Ld years.

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