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friday 30/09/2016

So whenb are ytou banning mama killa

wednesday 28/09/2016

I hope its a live event hate to see a dead one. smiley

When will she be available to buy

Finaly did the elo mission gotta say ulu watu got plenty of bans and the unbanned stuff got pretty shitspensive

tuesday 27/09/2016

monday 26/09/2016

Thank you guys. I'm here for you, to help and make fun smiley

sunday 25/09/2016

Did you guys remove the chance to win tokenz and such when you're like in the top 50 for Survivor Daily? Pretty ...... up, I was so close to 100 tokenz!

Mine doesn't crash, but after some games when I win and the 'YOU WIN' banner is supposed to come, nothing comes and I'm stuck on the Gray background

saturday 24/09/2016

Thank you for the prompt prizes!!

friday 23/09/2016

I agree that rbs should just be the regular card with a normal name and that the old cards should have something added.

I'll go a little off topic, can you please make mobile app a little bit more user friendly. When I play I dont know whose turn is it and if opponent played a card I don't know which one he played.

The teaser for the new clan has just dropped and OMG they look sick. I am pretty sure I saw reaper and bastion from overwatch in the trailer.smiley

@_Haize_ the staff says that this mission is worth it for the gold tokenz alone. If you manage to open a 100 gold tokenz box you will get a very expensive CR
Too bad it takes like forever to actually collect these tokenzsmiley

thursday 22/09/2016

Dear staff,

Next time you have an event like this. PLEASE DO NOT WRAP THE WINDOW IN A LINK TO THE EVENT PAGE!
Twice in a row, I've had forfeit matches because I come back to the window I have UR open in, and the click on the banner takes me away from the game window. Please think about this for the next event.

I'am trying to join a guild but when i press the button, it won't apply me!

tuesday 20/09/2016

Hay every one cry's about 50/50 cards so they just stuck every last one down. I think leaders are all ways should be penalized in the DTs casue they are all ways to powerful for there own good.

love to see a leader not hit but there all ways op with a serten clan an every one likes to op there deck who doesn't.

be great if leaders are not penalty on dt or banned from elo if there in like a all 2* with 1-2 3* aloud deck. makes it were the leader you get or lose lol but be useful.
man a lot of cr's.

Nah, I've been a long time player of games. Having a sale won't discourage people from buying, especially when this is the first sale I've ever seen here. The original price isn't horrible either. Plus with a new clan on the verge and constant new cards, waiting may be less prudent than buying. It's a balance and I am glad to see a sale for once

sunday 18/09/2016

Or say that you don't know when it comes back.

Info is required

saturday 17/09/2016

No regeneration of toxin based ability cards for a while now...I wonder why smiley

friday 16/09/2016

Remember, more tokens in DT smiley

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