wednesday 04/06/2014

sunday 01/06/2014

saturday 31/05/2014

Final day to join

Please read this lottery rules thread before making another lottery.

- The organizer mustn't keep a part of the jackpot for him/herself or
he/she will be blacklisted or even banned for scam.

thursday 29/05/2014


Big loto ---> Big card

saturday 24/05/2014

Registrations in progress, i'm waiting you smiley

thursday 22/05/2014

Last Day to join!

tuesday 20/05/2014

friday 16/05/2014

Need someone to organize an event to give all my cards away as prizes. Some form of tournament. Or I can just donate prizes to events. Totalling approximately 250,000 clintz, bangers and pussycats clans. Banger Cr and Chikko Cr

thursday 15/05/2014

Valide by SM-MrZero

tuesday 13/05/2014

The first stage will last two weeks , you can join whenever you want , but my advice is that you join before the first stage ends if you want to have options to win the Final prize.

monday 12/05/2014

Guess who will win the Fifa World Cup 2014 and Earn the Jackpot! Read the Rules!

Good Luck!

Bolão da Copa - 2014

sunday 11/05/2014

Less than a week til the draw

saturday 10/05/2014

Registration closes after 4 days

wednesday 07/05/2014

Bye bye le old I

The golden rules: As long as you're not a 0 pillz you must play at least 1 pillz each round, the old fury is allowed because of pillz used.


this is my first sponsored event so if it works well lots will be much larger for the " bye bye old II" smiley

monday 05/05/2014

The BIG Arena Tournament
Thursday 08/05/2014 .... check this out smiley

sunday 04/05/2014

saturday 03/05/2014

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