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sunday 04/05/2014

saturday 03/05/2014

friday 02/05/2014

The Best Avatar according to Mr Rocks!!

From Avatar creator for Avatar creators
20k for the best Designsmiley

Rules in event infosmiley

thursday 01/05/2014

friday 25/04/2014

1 Free Shaakarti 4 U

only 16 players :o

thursday 24/04/2014

Please join it, look the prizes

7 messages

Its another name for banana tree.

tuesday 22/04/2014

monday 21/04/2014

Event over

4 players left

sunday 20/04/2014

Be specific about what can be won and what you have to do to achieve.
unless I know and many other players too, we won't join. smiley

wednesday 16/04/2014

✫ It´s your Elo ! ✫

Do you think that the current ban´s are wrong? Here, you can choose the ban´s yourself and play the Elo that you like!

saturday 12/04/2014

join it plz

friday 11/04/2014

Jackpot: 68,000 clints smiley

tuesday 08/04/2014


saturday 05/04/2014

We have a winner TCA Bliss

sunday 30/03/2014

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