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wednesday 16/04/2014

✫ It´s your Elo ! ✫

Do you think that the current ban´s are wrong? Here, you can choose the ban´s yourself and play the Elo that you like!

saturday 12/04/2014

join it plz

friday 11/04/2014

Jackpot: 68,000 clints smiley

tuesday 08/04/2014


saturday 05/04/2014

We have a winner TCA Bliss

sunday 30/03/2014

Still waiting for players.

saturday 29/03/2014

Stream (ON) OFF

thursday 27/03/2014

follow us on the event
we accept donation also of 1 clintzsmileysmiley
good luck

wednesday 26/03/2014

Stream will start in around 5 minutes time

tuesday 25/03/2014

Find my event upvote join and tell friends smiley

monday 24/03/2014


Second edition of THE OLD SCHOOL ELO ... You always wanted play with old rules in elo, isn't it? With Wee lee, Yayoi, Jackie cr, Shakra, Leaders, semi-evo characters! This event is created to let have all the opportunity to play with those rules, I hope you'll enjoy it smiley

- 128 players.
- Min. level: 45 / Min. rank: Hero.
- 1 week per phase.
- 6 phases.
- 12 life points/pillz
- Phases 1-4: +3 Points per win, +1 point for draw
- Phases 5-6: +3 points per win
- All the characters that are releases from the 01/01/2011 are banned
- I banned DJ Korr Cr, Guru Cr, General Cr, Kiki Cr, Lyse Teria Cr and Kolos for obvious reasons.
- 2 Screenshots in case of inactivity sent in 2 different days.

You can see all the rules (included format decks) in the Český forum of the event

Prizes by UR Staff smiley

sunday 23/03/2014

Wow gl to everyone those are some insane prizes

wednesday 19/03/2014

250th player to join Hurricane X PIT gets 50pts...

sunday 16/03/2014

Applications are still open

saturday 15/03/2014

Up, don't forget to came in the event

My second Standard Event, this time with total prizes of 800k

Standard Event #02


Starts soon !
Don´t forget to join smiley

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