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thursday 19/01/2017

Or release a 6/2 defeat: +2 life?

Immediately deletion now all

- credits : 3
- characters : Hawkins
- bronze Tokenz : 3
- silver Tokenz : 1smiley

wednesday 18/01/2017

@Jamiewr it's now called "Jerromy la France" or something

sunday 15/01/2017

How come i cant use my tokenz the option isnt there

saturday 14/01/2017

What about a new Frozn,Riots or Vortex LD from arcade? And also Boss what about Krompah from Suqi's bio? Would love to have an awesome 4 for Frozn.smiley

thursday 12/01/2017

You're not alone, many people thought same thing. The comics description in the shop is kinda ambiguous

wednesday 11/01/2017

I'm loving all the attention Rescue are getting! They deserve a bit more smiley
They're a clan that used to be EVERYWHERE when I started, but now have slowly faded into the background

monday 09/01/2017

sunday 08/01/2017

Ooooooh so that's why I'm rich now!

smileyI want more tooooo

thursday 05/01/2017

Got Kawamashi CR. 10 tokenz off another bronze chest so I'm pleased smiley

Hive got common last time i dont think they would get 2 star jor will junta. hurakan however don't have a 2 star rare and un upgrade to gatuchika would be nice. so i guess hive can get the rare its been some time now. The damage clan must be junta or jungo. fang pi got a ninja. berserk got xantiax bob or at least they will get him. I don't think he is still available in packs. frozen got a card. pussycats got vixen so junta or jungo. or a dmg reduction 2 star rare.

tuesday 03/01/2017


If you'd like a lesson on time zones and how they'd work, I'd be more than happy to link you to a credible source:

monday 02/01/2017

Win 60 rounds with Drakorah
10 credits

saturday 31/12/2016

When will the Urban Rivals App show profile pictures. I`m not sure if this is a bug or if it is because of the phone.

friday 30/12/2016

Clintz bonus would only cause inflation. We should all be glad we didn't get it...

thursday 29/12/2016

Refresh? try it on mobile or tablet, works fine for me on every device

Missions are so booooooring and time consuming

tuesday 27/12/2016

Can't wait for the next comic already smiley

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