friday 05/02/2016


I was simply curious, after looking at the new Ld (not sure it isnt a tad OP) and the missions, and remembering all of the discussions before about problems people were having while trying to complete the missions in Arcade.

Just seeing if there was an unintended problem developed that would prevent people from completing missions until S2.

thursday 04/02/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Uppers, All Stars, Montana, and Bangers.

Start making the promos daily, i mean with so many time zones in the world it's certain people will miss it leaving promos to only a few lucky ones

tuesday 02/02/2016

@Modefal, the first part is, the second part is usually around 10k, possibly more this time

monday 01/02/2016

Shann Cr's already there, just waiting on the other three.

sunday 31/01/2016

@Post 108: To be honest,I started to like this one as well,I see more clans now than before.

In any case,something should be done about jackpot,players that aren't in top 5-10 get nothing when it comes to clintz.

Thx thoazol after ur hint u need to claim the prize, i found it there. It was kinda hidden smiley

friday 29/01/2016

The best prizes are the ones from accumulate stars. The HQs-prizes are a couple of credits and a bunch of clintz, a little more every new HQ, but just that.

I couldn't remember until now, but I faced...a rare thing. I first played with Berzerk to accomplish Kommandon's missions and a pair of times I started the combat (quite common by itself) but then I was first on the second round too... Just happened a pair of times and... not sure right now, 2nd or 3rd combat.
Looks like I am the only who "suffered" that, no one else has told anything similar.

Gremlin, it's for the more active people. Some people aren't on during the time or asleep. But there will always be packs that cater to a different timezone

wednesday 27/01/2016

Oni Oicho Throw? Is that like Orinoco Flow? smiley

monday 25/01/2016

The layout on the deck page makes it where I can't see my entire deck and card functions (ie: "remove from deck"smiley without scrolling.
The old site allows me to view my entire deck and functions without scrolling. Please fix this.

Please give us the option to not have the blue BG on the cards. It actually hurts the artwork for cards that didn't have that blue planned into the color scheme.

Yep, found it. Thx!

Splata Cr is a wonderful card. its sad that most of our players cant afford it.
but i think justice can be restored by unban bogdansmiley

friday 22/01/2016

Gheist is deffentily getting a new card today pobaly a rare. Uppers, senitel/ Montana could get a card and la junta

thursday 21/01/2016

Well keep him at team + 1 damage as a 86 would be great. then even new players be like best card ever! an use him lol

tuesday 19/01/2016

Time to do that last Solomon mission smiley

saturday 16/01/2016

LOL @ the whiners.

some of these changes are actually good, and i'm having a blast using sera m1 and el gascaro in the same deck again.

friday 15/01/2016

Does this really surprise people

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