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saturday 08/03/2014

Instead of miss they should do Mr

wednesday 05/03/2014

Guess who will win the Fifa World Cup 2014 and Earn the Jackpot!

Good Luck and Good Guess!

Bolão da Copa - 2014


Join now! Need 8 more people before we close the door! smiley

monday 03/03/2014

Also incorrectly tagged, lacks all the initiatives to join and the link isn't up to standards for professional recruitment threads. But mostly the wrong section thing.

DanceFest 2014

Hello there EN comworthy enough to make the best impression at this big UR competition? 128 players compete for the title of "Dancer of the Year" and other prizes! Junkz, GHEIST, Uppers, Bangers and Montana are waiting for your performances to make their show incredible

There are only 15 places left and the entry price is 1000 clintz only!

Good luck!

thursday 27/02/2014

01/03 the end

wednesday 26/02/2014

New link to Leagues:


tuesday 25/02/2014

sunday 23/02/2014

My bad english strikes again smiley

saturday 22/02/2014

wednesday 19/02/2014

Emeth cr for the number 1 smiley


2nd last column, "x/y".

x = Number of you've played so far
y = Number of games you can play

For this one, 30 matches is the max.

Hey all players of this game, from all over the world.
I was made a event but it was was deleted by a careless mistake, I have just made a event who is just like that.
plz participate in my event and rate it plz. You can participate in just 200/- clintz. so plz guys participate in my event and then rate it PLz


tuesday 18/02/2014

plz like it plz

sunday 16/02/2014

If you have questions, my box is open smiley

saturday 15/02/2014

Jackpot is now 26.4k Join up smiley you might be the one that wins it

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