saturday 28/12/2013

Join up yall! We need around 30 guys!

friday 27/12/2013

tuesday 24/12/2013

I am active and around 12 hours of the day.
I wop from 5k to 20k Clintz or cards.
I normally play first to 3 matches.

And play in a format of Extended but with no leader.

Why not pm me and consider having a match!

Yours truly

Happy hannukkah to you as well sir! israeli in life or in heart only?

sunday 22/12/2013

There seems to be a tactic whereby players are letting rounds time down in Daily tournaments. When the other player goes to take his or her turn there isn't enough time to choose a pill amount for the round. This ends in a time out with the other player winning by default when she or he would've lost. This needs to be addressed immediately.

tuesday 17/12/2013

monday 16/12/2013


sunday 15/12/2013

SANTA CLAUS IS HERE !!! [LOTTERY] just a free lottery for this Holydays smiley

Thanks UR Staff smiley

thursday 12/12/2013

The EN Event Team wishes you an advance Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year! smiley Have fun and stay safe this holidays! smiley

12-26 December
Christmas Time in Clint City 2

15-21 December
Snow Wars - Intercepting Ielena

29-30 December

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tuesday 10/12/2013

The 300th player to join will win a globumm smileysmiley

monday 09/12/2013

Looks fun smiley

saturday 07/12/2013

Round 2 has started, players, you are no longer able to join.

sunday 01/12/2013

thursday 28/11/2013

Shhh... he was asleep.
The hair's lucky too. I kept it if you want some. Just don't tell him.. smiley

monday 25/11/2013

One last spot!

friday 22/11/2013

Applications are still open smiley

thursday 21/11/2013


monday 18/11/2013

Anyone can join, the lottery is for/by the guild Seven Club

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