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wednesday 30/03/2016

Thanks to everyone who participated! The credits for the first 10 players with the correct answers have now been distributed.

saturday 26/03/2016

Galactea skeelz
loan jungo
gerald jungo
cardigan all stars
akendram freaks
lucky noel raptors
ruru frozen
lennard rescue
hector raptors
coraille rb ulu watu
christelle uppers
nahi cr roots

So, I think I am the only one who faced this problem.

UR players, revoooooooooolt!!!!!

wednesday 23/03/2016

There is a free La Cobra up. Just make post 1126 here: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=0&id_subject=2581101

tuesday 22/03/2016

sunday 20/03/2016

I hate ELO and SURV. Do not do it again! We should choose where to play by ourselves.

thursday 17/03/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are All Stars, Bangers, Piranas, and Rescue.

wednesday 16/03/2016

Arceus closes the thread. smiley

monday 14/03/2016

I agree with wasteroftime smiley

A) It's easily the best option

thursday 10/03/2016

I was using Ambre and my oponent was using Ashigaru. So easy.

tuesday 08/03/2016

Thanks for this Coliseum staff smiley

thursday 03/03/2016

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Raptors, Bangers, All Stars, and Ulu Watu.

wednesday 02/03/2016

logo UR 22 messages

This event got me thinking. How is the amount of clintz you get in a battle calculated? Anyone know?

Finally prizes are increased smiley

sunday 28/02/2016

"I so look forward to matchs where opponents just spam pills down to the minimum so you don't ge tjack"
Me too. It's a fantastic time to do those god-awful killshot missions.

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