saturday 01/12/2018

Nice, thank you.

friday 23/11/2018

I know it took quite a while, but here's that Captain Rescue and Miss Jigi I commissioned for the event:

thursday 22/11/2018

Probably due to the fact the name your entering is slightly wrong its AKP-Dragonfly

tuesday 20/11/2018

saturday 17/11/2018

friday 16/11/2018

Expired giveaway thread guys, post what card you want tomorrow

thursday 08/11/2018

SoldierFight9295: PM Me when you hit LV20. It won't let me PS it.
Everyone else for your participation smiley Timmy s have been sent smiley

monday 05/11/2018

Thank you everyone for Participating! Everyone should get their card sent by now.
Happy gaming everybody!!Fvf4dif8rtjudsopd;sckk3209qdskcmvn4b3y28q90-sfdvjhb20eid-[d8eufhgbh3enwomkaspcvploeiouv390eqhfbgvue knl;wp09q328fhew8a0fwjv0so

thursday 01/11/2018

wednesday 31/10/2018

Hi All,

Looking to make a decent mono freaks deck (crazy, I know)!
Is anyone willing to sell/trade their Splata Cr? If so, name your price below and let’s do this!

sunday 28/10/2018


I'm looking for the three new cards of the week for the Flash Missions. I need Gruber, #McClain and Calamity.

Can i borrow them to anyone please?smiley

saturday 27/10/2018

(ES) La lotería ha sido realizada y los premios han sido entregados.

(EN) The lottery was done and the prizes were send.

(FR) La tirage c'est fait et les prizes sont dejà envoyées.

wednesday 24/10/2018

monday 22/10/2018

Prizes distributed, thread closed. smiley

Towards the Chaos memes thread!

friday 19/10/2018

friday 12/10/2018

Lottery done:

sunday 07/10/2018

saturday 06/10/2018

It ends on the 10th of this month I believe, 4 more days to go

sunday 30/09/2018

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