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friday 01/11/2013


The fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

thursday 31/10/2013

Trick or Treat?

Join up to win great prizes!

wednesday 30/10/2013

Happy bday

They are back in clint city ! Footballers , Defender, Midfielder and attackers , they are all there, from the four major championships ( France , Italy, England , Spain), they are all there in order to triumph in Clint city ! Who will win the second edition of this vent is for football fans !

You must choose a player before register me stating his position , which will influence the size of your deck against other players from the vent.

The vent will be held as follows :

- There will be 128 players (40 backgrounds , 40 forwards , 40 defenders , and 8 have a choice at the end , but there must be at least 40 players at each position ) .
- The entrance fee is 500 clintz order to make it accessible to all the vent .

- There will be three intermediate events ( one for the defenders , one for media and one for attackers ) , and the best in each position will advance to the main vent to claim the title of best player !
- The formats vary in each phase , there will be several phases in the intermediate vents, and phases in the main event , so it will have a fairly substantial collection (minimum guru) .

At intermediate - events, players will encounter Only hosts players who are in the same position as them , then you can face a different position player .

Formats will be revealed once we have all the members , so that the clans allowed not influence your choice
The fights will be in 3 winning sets in the group stage , then five winning matches when you do not have an opponent to face
Be sure to spend about 1 and a half months before the event register !

tuesday 29/10/2013

Few places left, join now! smiley

monday 28/10/2013

Oups sorry I've just forget: http://www.urban-rivals.com/fr/events/?id_event=83671

sunday 27/10/2013

The Voice of Clintz City

Check Polski section. Players revealed!

This is an announcement. I will open this freely to anyone without the blind audition after the 65th player who send me their description. This mean 3rd chance for anyone who didn't make the cut in the blind audition. They CHOOSE the coach from then on and you can't say no.

friday 25/10/2013

El Clasico (http://www.urban-rivals.com/de/events/?id_event=94153)

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
11 vs 11
Format elo

thursday 24/10/2013

wednesday 23/10/2013

All clans can be. *Use 6 Clans. it's the minimum requirement needed.. smiley

tuesday 22/10/2013

It is! Even more exciting, harder, more intense! Fighters of Clint city meet again once out of the city to escape from the harmful influence of Polit. Fun, diversity, thinking will be there. Try the opportunity to take over from 0 Milan.

33 places available

1 Free Kazayan 4 U

Draw will be held tomorrow! Join fast!

Can I have your cards ?

monday 21/10/2013

sunday 20/10/2013

Thanks for the quick answers! GL HF

Hey Guys i just want you to know this Event is fun. Tons Of Prizes.

Link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/events/?id_event=94011

saturday 19/10/2013

monday 14/10/2013

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