sunday 27/10/2013

The Voice of Clintz City

Check Polski section. Players revealed!

This is an announcement. I will open this freely to anyone without the blind audition after the 65th player who send me their description. This mean 3rd chance for anyone who didn't make the cut in the blind audition. They CHOOSE the coach from then on and you can't say no.

friday 25/10/2013

El Clasico (

Barcelona vs. Real Madrid
11 vs 11
Format elo

thursday 24/10/2013

wednesday 23/10/2013

All clans can be. *Use 6 Clans. it's the minimum requirement needed.. smiley

tuesday 22/10/2013

It is! Even more exciting, harder, more intense! Fighters of Clint city meet again once out of the city to escape from the harmful influence of Polit. Fun, diversity, thinking will be there. Try the opportunity to take over from 0 Milan.

33 places available

1 Free Kazayan 4 U

Draw will be held tomorrow! Join fast!

Can I have your cards ?

monday 21/10/2013

sunday 20/10/2013

Thanks for the quick answers! GL HF

saturday 19/10/2013

monday 14/10/2013

sunday 13/10/2013

Free lottery to celebrate our birthday !!! The guild was founded on 01/11/2011. Let's celebrate, with this lottery, 2 years of life!

TWO YEARS!!! Heaven Destroyers B-Day Free Lottery !!!

Tonight! Don't miss the minigame of avatarmaking! Information up soon on eventpage

friday 11/10/2013

Rich's Random Lotto

Draw will be done this weekend!

thursday 10/10/2013

Preorder now to participe in the event MJ's Blood on the Dance Floor
2000 clintz , preorder now!.

This event has been created when i has 5 minutes in the break and i was listening MJ's albums and a looot of double cards in my acount.

The duration of the stage in the event = MJ name album time

Preorder Now!

wednesday 09/10/2013

I like option B , i hate waiting for prizes smiley

tuesday 08/10/2013

It has started, please check Cesky section of the event.

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