friday 19/09/2014

The coliseum was perfectly fine actually. People who are playing coliiseum way back knows the schedule of when will it begin and when will it end. Alolso please don't worry, there might be another col smileyiseum at friday and it will end on monday smiley

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Let me clear this whole thing up because most people posting here are being subjective . Dt's and elo are 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT game modes. Comparing them is like comparing water and fire. I personally don't play elo, I played like 2 times just a few matches and that was it. Reason being? The matches take FOREVER...I get bored out of my mind. That's just me, we all have different preferences (that's why there are different game modes) and we shouldn't throw dirt on other game modes we don't really play or have no clue how they work. Getting gold tokenz is NOT easy, sure it's not incredibly hard but it's not easy. In elo you can play whenever you want during the day, in DT's (If you want at least top 25) you gotta play for 60 minutes straight, fast, really fast. If you ever took a look at the top places in DT'S you would see that it's usually the same players who have mastered their deck and play fast. Not EVERYONE is getting gold tokenz just the top 10 players out of 500+ every 2 hours. I´ve collected over 300 tokenz and I can assure you all it´s NO easy task. I don´t want to get too technical here because well, it's not in my interest to argue or get nerdy with any of you. I'm just saying the truth. You like elo? cool. You like Dt's? cool. You like a certain game mode and spit at the others? NOT COOL.

Regarding the REAL subject, +2 clintz is just wrong in so many ways. Elo players deserve better rewards overall and I just don't think this new update is fair for them.

wednesday 10/09/2014

Great release this week

friday 05/09/2014

I'm not disagreeing with you at all man. I totally agree that it shouldn't be the way it is but there isn't really anything we can do.

Kolos and Mechakolos need their abilities, what's your point?

So glad we got all that damage to get sakura cr! ... not.

thursday 04/09/2014

New cards tomorrow! Aside from the Riots (from a facebook teaser, that was posted yesterday), the other predictions are Huracan, GHEIST, and Junkz (all three are way overdue in the new cards department).

sunday 31/08/2014

saturday 30/08/2014

I really thought rowdy was next

thursday 28/08/2014

Hey smileycome on now lets have some more coliseum events

thursday 21/08/2014

The leader of the riots is bob joby. His uppers version will go cr and his new riots card will be a 5* 9/6 courage: +4 pillz.
Watch when i am right smiley

tuesday 19/08/2014

OMG BORTUKALI you're too much of arrogance, really:
"even when i was a begginer i always had some credits"
"So being a begginer is no excuse for not having credits"
"So if you are a noob and dont even have credits like what will you do"

In which cave you're living in, if i may ask? Ah well your profile says it all i guess. smiley

thursday 14/08/2014

It's almost getting funny but it's already pathetic for sure!

And still / again UR staff just let's us be frustrated and doesn't dare to explain or to discuss at all. They just wait untill the storm is silent and us silly players are back to their game.

Congrats UR staff it worked again for you and you can have a meeting to find some some nosense renewal! smiley

@HipHoppa or you can use any other card with +pillz as the mission is not clan restricted

friday 08/08/2014

Hope we get the riots leader

friday 01/08/2014

Where my cr?

saturday 26/07/2014

@metallichell25.. thanks for the tip I will try that..

thursday 24/07/2014

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Riots, Junkz, Nightmare, and Skeelz!

sunday 20/07/2014

I chose Brazil and Germany Which means i get Clintz That is times 3 But yet i didnt get Any of it!! >.

thursday 10/07/2014

New cards Tomorrow! Predictions aside from 2 Riots cards are Pussycats and All stars.

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