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wednesday 09/10/2013

I like option B , i hate waiting for prizes smiley

tuesday 08/10/2013

It has started, please check Cesky section of the event.

thursday 03/10/2013

wednesday 02/10/2013

Good. Do better!

monday 30/09/2013

"It is not appropriate or acceptable to start rumors about what cards will become CRs. Stop this Immediately. Staff will create CRs when they feel like it is time to do so. All messages pertaining to CR rumors will be removed."

Not allowed to discuss this openly in public forum. Thread closed.

All the information is in the link and more preferably in the comment I left on the event page.


tuesday 24/09/2013

Only 2 months left to join

monday 23/09/2013

Hello, to all bond fans and other people! smiley
i bought for you something intresting event with typical formats! smiley
Sky Fall
awesome prices by staff!!
you can read the event rules in the eventsmiley

sunday 22/09/2013

Enjoy the party game Mafia? Play UR? Looking for Fun, Prizes, and occasionally Drama?

If so, then Speed Mafia is the series for you!

Speed Mafia is a NON-BATTLE event based on the classic party game of mafia. It's THE MOST COMPETETIVE Mafia Series there is on UR, but don't worry, even newer players can have a blast and learn to bluff, bandwagon, and slide their way through to win some amazing prizes!

Current Event:
Rich's Speed Mafia 4.I

This event is FOR practice, and it's free, so you have nothing to lose!

saturday 21/09/2013

We need more people! Jackpot is rising ;D

thursday 19/09/2013

Might be better off in that section
And yeah

wednesday 18/09/2013

Spots are gone but if you'd still like to be a part of this, I'll be accepting people to be replacements for inactives between rounds

Oops. Wrong language section.

tuesday 17/09/2013

sunday 15/09/2013

everyday 1 bob joby will come to someone's collection

Prizes FOR NOW:

smiley Nahi Cr
smiley Page Cr
smiley Dalhia Cr
smiley Charlie
smiley Yayoi
smiley Chiara Cr
smiley Terry Cr
smiley Lucy

I have made a new event idea. These are debates. In these debates we will be tackling some real life debated questions. There will be 1 new debate every month with rewards for good arguments. Each debate will last 4-7 days.

FIRST DEBATE: deleted and by soon I mean in 10 years or less.

thursday 12/09/2013

Happy Birthday Goralion!

PLEASE pen down your wishes for our awesome admin!

Donations of any value are highly welcomed. Please put it in my private sale.

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