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sunday 21/06/2015

wednesday 17/06/2015

I agree with Sahil as my friends did the Same and also one condition like unlocking market by money is kinda bad for friends i know u cant do anything for it just sayingsmiley

tuesday 16/06/2015

Lol jerromy he is released xD

sunday 14/06/2015

I would definite say yes.

Whys is there Random Round win in leader wars? That mechanic is useless and promotes luck over actual good play. Literally lost a game because my enemy got 2 random round wins that he shouldnt have gotten.

friday 12/06/2015

thursday 11/06/2015

Event cards take a few weeks to enter the packs. i would hazard a guess that it would be at least 3-4 releases if we base it on previous event cards

wednesday 10/06/2015

I do hope that whatever the long term plans are for UR are well thought out and delivered as promised

I do wish that UR continues to make small updates on the way to this greater goal, but hopefully these updates dont just end up being hurdles that they end up throwing into their own path --- which so far has been the case.

tuesday 02/06/2015

hot logo UR 143 messages

I'm guessing he bought the packs one at a time?

2 Bangerz Rbs, 2 All-Stars Rbs..can another clan get a Rb sometime? I mean I figure each clan should get 1 Rb before we start giving other clans 2 or possibly even 3.

monday 01/06/2015

I like battery's idea so much! smiley

thursday 28/05/2015

Next coli could be with DM Rules ! PLS ???

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Ulu Watu, Saks, Fang Pi Clang, and All Stars.

sunday 24/05/2015

Man mission 3 is going ot be annoying. I no good at playing Elosmiley

tuesday 19/05/2015

I hate surv missions and surv mode. Stop it.

sunday 17/05/2015

For one night Daennerys have score 35/39 156pts
big LOL

thursday 14/05/2015

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Riots, GHEIST, Sentinel, and Saks.

friday 01/05/2015

Gold token... lucky spin gets you a cr likely worth more that striker rb

thursday 30/04/2015

Oh ok thanks haha

tuesday 28/04/2015

I hate surv. No prizes, waste of time.
Even ELO is better.

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