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sunday 23/06/2013

Im not completely sure. i think someone else could give out the prizes but you have to be carful because if anything goes wrong then we can't sort it out if cards were given to anuther player by consent.

saturday 22/06/2013

Hi guys! I'm organizing a lottery to celebrate the end of the french high school exam!
Here it is: Loterie du bac
Do not hesitate to share it with your guild and friends, the more the merrier!
All donations are very welcome, and will increase your chance to win :3

Please join will maybe add better prizes depending on how many players join

thursday 20/06/2013

monday 17/06/2013

I've had to send this to too many people smiley

To everyone who applied without reading the rules, I sent the following:


Dreamin' Big is like, the best thing ever. Unfortunately, you can't get in until you send me your perk selection (German section) and item selection (Spanish section). You also might want to declare an alliance (French section) and earn extra lives (Turkish section). Make sure to check all of those out, because I want you to be able to be in this event too!


thursday 13/06/2013

tuesday 11/06/2013

It's not a prediction when it happens AFTER the event. smiley

monday 10/06/2013

Due to all the new face showing up in clintz city not to forget them new wrestlers Flesh Pimp has hit a all time low, hes almost Swagged out. losing his custoumers due to the fear of getting attack by the many clans in the street and his girls are to afraid to walk his streets.
now Flesh Pimp is looking for new girls to walk his street seaching high and low all though out clintz city. he want his Swagg back OG Swagg

fee : 1000 clintz
deck format : elo half decks (4and 4) and only can use female card
max plaers : 32
event type : 3 stright battles, point system
prizes:1st - jack pot, Charlie 0xp and Flesh Pimp
2ed - Louise 0xp and Flesh Pimp
3rd Wanda 0xp and Flesh Pimp


sunday 09/06/2013

Though we've hit 16 players, I WILL accept you and remove another player should you join and PM me your perk and item request before a player already accepted does the same.

saturday 08/06/2013



Watch this video!
Like it!
Make an positive comment and subscribe.

do not write that i sent you here!

thursday 06/06/2013

Damage remover ( v.1 )

Well .. TIME ENDS .. Get up and test you 28* Damage remover deck.

Joining dame from 6th JUNE to 30th JUNE
Fee : 1000 clintz
Event will start if we get at least 60 peoples in the following time, or it'll be deleted at 30th JUNE

1st : 65% of the jackpot + Normal card(s)
2nd : 35% of the jackpot + Normal card
3rd : 2x Normal card ( will be very cheap but will arrange your entrance fee )
4th : 1x Normal card ( will be very cheap but will not arrange your entrance fee )
5th : Good game a pat on back ...

AND of course prizelist will be huge if we get some DONATIONS And Many people's joined..
IF we et 70+ people then :
3rd 4th and 5th will get 4% 3% 2% of the jackpot and 1st and 2nd's jackpot will be reduced 5% and 3%
And if we get 10% donation we will be using the ( RANDOM.ORG)

Rules :
Rule 1# smileyeck must be 28*
Rule 2# :If we do not get at least 60 players in 30th June, then it wil''be deleted instantly and you will get back your fee prize .
Rule 3# : I'm the boss here , follow my rules smiley
Rule 4# : Whatever staffs do , you have to accept.
Rule 5# : Be gentle
Rule 6# : No Inactive players can be joined .
Rule 7# : Inactive players will be changed without giving back their prize fee ..... ( STRICT RULE )

Rule 8# : Join if you accept the rules .


-thx modsmileysmiley


this lotto will end soon join while you can

wednesday 05/06/2013

You are good in the Elo-mode, but are you good in survivor, too? Can you score a good score in the daily tournament? Prove it, be the all-rounder of UR and win big prizes!

The AllroundUR

Where are the prizes?
329/1742 Ranmayasha Titan Raven's Crew 20/20 71
But i didn't get anything. So did the reward system change or the prizes were simply not given yet?

tuesday 04/06/2013

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