saturday 06/12/2014

Thank u guys smiley

friday 05/12/2014

thursday 04/12/2014

Hi Everyone!

Over the Christmas period, Clint City is organizing a series of three illegal tournaments in the Coliseum room:

- The first Coliseum: A Merry Brawl will open on December 5th at 2pm GMT (9EST)

- The second Coliseum: Eggnog Party 2014 will open on December 9th at 2pm GMT (9EST)

- The last Coliseum: Here Come the Fireworks will open on December 16th at 2pm GMT (9EST)

Each Coliseum will have an entrance fee and will last for three days:

- The first Coliseum: A Merry Brawl will cost 1000 Clintz

- The second Coliseum: Eggnog Party 2014 will cost 2000 Clintz

- The last Coliseum: Here Come the Fireworks will cost 3 credits

For each Coliseum you will have to play a maximum of 35 games.

All the information concerning the game rules and prices will be posted on the Coliseum page as each room opens.

Get to your decks!

monday 01/12/2014

thursday 27/11/2014

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Saks, Jungo, Uppers, and Junkz.

wednesday 26/11/2014

The Krazan missions are actually pretty ok. Well, being in a guild where a crazy person has a bunch of Brody's to pass around helps, but there's so many decent Roots cards which gain life that you can take your time with it in duels and even elo. In fact, just about all of the missions can be completed by just stickin a roots or 2 into any other deck, so you can grind it slowly while you grind other stuff. 6 Bangers for their final mission + 2 roots, or six Junta + 2 roots and you rotate the roots guys depending on the mission.

monday 24/11/2014

Yaya. totally agree with post 30

thursday 20/11/2014

More coliseum events pleasesmiley

tuesday 18/11/2014

Like ZiX talking about individual guilds/players isn't needed so lets stop.

p.s I know quite a few players from Open Casket they are all nice people so lets not be mean to the guild.

sunday 16/11/2014

They will most likely give all the players the mission points and delete them...

friday 14/11/2014

Im not sure if hes dead of its just that he hasn't been seen for a while so when the nightmare found something that looked like him they fought he was dead and that it was his body but it wasn't, it was just aclone..

thursday 13/11/2014

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are GHEIST, Montana, La Junta, and Junkz.

wednesday 12/11/2014

Can we all just appreciate the mini viedo whatever thing on the homepage? smiley

sunday 09/11/2014

40 damage with samantha wasn't easy or fun but at least you had the uppers bonus, SOB and more power than tatane

40 damage is also quicker than 40 rounds

friday 07/11/2014

Where did you get 2 more hours jyhf?

thursday 06/11/2014

hot logo UR 269 messages

Nerfhertitty , Hey mate, I use Andriod, so I don't know if its different..but I usually go to settings, i.e. the part where you normally control the music and volume and animations...there is a button on the bottom left that says sign out..

tuesday 04/11/2014

Lol i just liked the name smiley

friday 31/10/2014

Nah.. new Nightmare's card is going to be released next week

thursday 30/10/2014

Why did u bring a thread from 2 and a half years ago back?

wednesday 29/10/2014

Good thing is coming to ur . Waiting for it :thumbsup

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