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wednesday 29/05/2013

Just realised the date... Ha. Hope it /was/ great!

monday 27/05/2013

Hello everybody, nice to meet you all smiley

I want to celebrate my 5 years old in this game with a free lottery:

Acorayda celebra su 5º UR-aniversario


1º Hawkins
2º Hawkins
3º Hawkins
4º Hawkins
5º Hawkins

6º Glorg
7º Glorg
8º Glorg
9º Glorg
10º Glorg

11º Rico
12º Rico
13º Rico
14º Rico
15º Rico

You can join free before Friday 31/05 at 23:59:59 (GMT +1), then a moderator will make the draw smiley

All the people is welcome to this lottery, good luck smiley

Hey, I have a couple of questions about how the events work.

1. Event Rooms: How do they work?

2. What happens if your opponent never shows up for a battle or if you're both always online at different times?

Its impossible for this guy to create an event right now smiley


saturday 25/05/2013

Great event, great prizes.

Only half an hour left! Good luck!

wednesday 22/05/2013

Only two more spots for The Rule of Three!! Join now for the chance to win 200k in prizes!

tuesday 21/05/2013

monday 20/05/2013

sunday 19/05/2013

deleted is the best thing!! smiley

If you see this please join my event, I plan to start it today, and would like to get more participants Alphabattle #0 (beta)

saturday 18/05/2013

Non Guild D0S #2 is your LAST CHANCE to participate in deleted

There are NINE more spots left...

Please see the Rules and Prizes section in the event BEFORE applying...

friday 17/05/2013

Its logo for the new clan name.
when will the rewards be given out??
i want to have my credits ready when new clan comes out today.

64 players have all signed up. I'll start this event on Monday and mass private message everyone because of Olympus (need the outbox spaces).

wednesday 15/05/2013

In the event there are only three places

tuesday 14/05/2013

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