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friday 22/01/2016

Gheist is deffentily getting a new card today pobaly a rare. Uppers, senitel/ Montana could get a card and la junta

thursday 21/01/2016

Well keep him at team + 1 damage as a 86 would be great. then even new players be like best card ever! an use him lol

tuesday 19/01/2016

Time to do that last Solomon mission smiley

saturday 16/01/2016

LOL @ the whiners.

some of these changes are actually good, and i'm having a blast using sera m1 and el gascaro in the same deck again.

friday 15/01/2016

Does this really surprise people

A question Dante had asked repeatedly and been promised an answer too if I might addsmiley

What about android app

I spin the wheel many times but it doesn't give arcade ticket plz help

tuesday 12/01/2016

I earnd 200 million battle points yesterday am I going to get them back smiley

saturday 09/01/2016

If ur could fix the paypal issue of not being able to purchase using paypal balance that would be fantastic

I like the additional bans this week. Still an op mess that I will win, but it'll be awesome.

friday 08/01/2016


if i was to buy now the older HQs (or the whole promo bunch), would the rewards still be the sme?
they should stay the same before whole season changes, but i'd like that confirmed


thursday 07/01/2016

My predictions for tomrrows release , we are defently going to get raptors second leader aka Rex wife. uppers is going to get a four star
Gheist a three star and maybe a two star for sakhroom. Junks and ulu watt could also get a new card but gheist and uppers is al most garuanted a new card

wednesday 06/01/2016

Wow, this community is just as bad as the game, if worse. Now the community is all about indirecly insulting others to feed their ego and bashing the staff to death until something is done. Some say that the game made users inactive, but the active community is just pure idiotic garbage.

tuesday 05/01/2016

For those concerned regarding cost

the warm up phase is something many players will try

the pro phase will be tried by those feeling confident based on phase 1.

based on the number of games played, UR will adjust. To say that 10000 entry is too much or just enough (regardless if said by staff or players) at this point is speculation and is simply a matter of biased opinion. The only measure of it will be how many players participate and how many matches are played. If numbers are too low, UR will eventually adjust. If the numbers are ok, UR will stand their ground on the entry fee

sunday 03/01/2016

How about adding a -2 or -5 on Thormund ? I mean,7 base power and with the ability he's 11 power,can beat a lot of stuff

Got juiced: Go to the Game tab at the top of the page, then Missions. In Missions, choose the button marked "Legendary Missions" at the top of the page.

Then, go to the Ld you want, and click on it for the list of missions.

friday 01/01/2016

This year, it was given out in a chest on the 24th
I don't know if people will be able to get it late

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