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sunday 01/02/2015



tuesday 27/01/2015

Creditos 500

saturday 24/01/2015

sunday 18/01/2015

Grah! 4 points from finishing the posion mission and ppl keep timing out on me.... in TRAINING MODE... who does that? seriously??

saturday 10/01/2015

^ +1
add Rescue, Montana, La Junta into the list smiley

thursday 08/01/2015

Im looking forward to the next edition. hopefully with a more balanced card pool

i imagine it will be back shortly...

wednesday 07/01/2015


IMHO I think some (if not all) of these new clan missions are a little underprized!!!! smileysmileysmileysmiley

Really, can see why do such thing!?! If new missions are launched why not urge people to do them with nicer and fair prizes?
My opinion, anyways.

sunday 04/01/2015

Yes my post about my receiving BP for the first mission reward is correct.
Thanks Steel X

tuesday 30/12/2014

1) I really wasn't in favor of changing the leaders at all but since it's already happened I agree that Ashigaru needs an upgrade.

2) The card pool really needs to be added to. There are some totally useless cards in there which is how it should be but I really think the 'support' cards should just be taken out. And there definitely needs to be MORE cards. Every now and then you see a Fei or a Stella but you have to wonder how many cards of those clans are in the pool when every deck has 3 Frozn and 2 Bangers, ya know?

friday 26/12/2014

I just fought hasn't it been more then a month since Dj Korps was released. He might enter the packs today.

thursday 25/12/2014

Does anyone have a deposit of the Advent wallpapers? I forgot to store them and now that my laptop's not broke I have a screen with the right resolution.

wednesday 24/12/2014

Awe with timber's new upgrade there's no chance of using him in elo ever again. Sure it wasn't a great strategy but it was fun to do. R.I.P. timber elo deckssmiley

sunday 21/12/2014

Striker doesn't really deserve to be banned in the first place.
Stat wise he's not that strong and it's really only 1 more damage than Alexei.
I guess all it does is merely open some more ko options for Allstars, but in comparison Saki is a monster.
Guess that's UR power creep for you. 1-2 years ago, Striker would be considered OP.

Dr Norton deserved to be banned. Reeves + Dr Norton = gg.
While, you might think 2 damage is very little, but when you manage to beat someone's nuke and deal them 2 damage for only 3 pills against their 5-6, that's basically the end of their game.

friday 19/12/2014

Aaand the saga of the last functional family in Clint City continues smiley

Anyway, love the fluff, missions are alright but a bit too silly grind-y, and thanks for the credits!

I want Magistrado Ld smiley

thursday 18/12/2014

hot logo UR 70 messages

I would just like to be able to make my T1 half deck and have fun with it.

I switch the deck I use daily, if not more frequently than that. I enjoy building a deck and seeing how it will work a lot more than just grinding matches to get tokens (which isn't fun for me - I get it, the prizes are worth it, but I would have absolutely no fun getting those prizes, it's like a chore).

DT needs an update. I'm feeling a thread coming on soon.....I've had a lot of thoughts about how boring DT is and have some ideas to change it - enough ideas that I'm sure will spark some people's interest in raging against me, but nonetheless, it needs some kind of change.

tuesday 16/12/2014

Please add a timer/countdown

friday 12/12/2014

Didnt realise leaders were allowed?

thursday 11/12/2014

New cards tomorrow! Predictions are Saks, Junkz, Riots, and Ulu Watu.

saturday 06/12/2014

Thank u guys smiley

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