sunday 17/02/2013

Donations welcome. Donate over 1k and receive a life in the lotto round. Please join

saturday 16/02/2013

Elmination Chamber smiley
hello, boy's and girl i have my 1st event coming soon with nice prizes..and a bounty of bonus.Gateway to elmination chambers open smiley

friday 15/02/2013

Just For Players who want to test their Skills and at the same time want to win some cool prize

Maximum players changed to 25 smiley

thursday 14/02/2013


Your typical Type2 format tournament. 16 players, group stage. Top 2 participants from each group move on to the knockout stage. May the best man/woman win!

Last chance to join this event!

wednesday 13/02/2013


This event should be more challenging then the previous one.

Round 1: "warm up"

- all players will play against everybody, and you have to score a certain nr of points to go to next round; this round is to test the activity of players

- there will be prizes for top 3 players

- duration 1 week

- deck format: 4x2* & 4x3* from 2 clans

Round 2: "fairplay"

- at this time there will be groups

- duration 1 week

- deck format: everybody will use the same deck, which will be posted

Round 3: "old school"

- the players that will move from previous round, will play old urban-rivals style, meaning: no pillz, and some banned clanns that have bonus +/- attack

You can use any kind of Deck.You must play in BIG 2.You can train in BIG 2 [Practice].The random option is set to: no random, the highest attack always wins.Note: the 2 rooms dictate the deck format & your fights in the training room will not be taken into account.
If win (normal) then add point(s), 3 pts to player.If timed out win then add point(s), 3 pts to player.If default win then add point(s), 3 pts to player.If draw then add point(s), 1 pts to player.Note: if a situation is not accounted for by one of the calculation rules, that situation will not carry any points.
Sponsors with cards and clintz are more than welcome.

Sponsor List:
3M Kyba - Minerva, Lady, Edd Cr

There will be more prizez added

tuesday 12/02/2013

This is a staff sponsored event that was advertised on the main page. It's also an official CC Circuit event (45th overall).


Event will begin at exactly 256 players OR within the next 48 hours, whichever comes first.

***This event is 1v1 the entire time from start to finish***

and therefore it is the perfect event for those who want something competitive with an opportunity for excellent prizes (Elya Cr, Tanaereva Cr and two copies of Blaaster Cr are on the line) without having to devote a ton of time to it or grind out games.

To protect newer players there is a minimum level requirement of 40 for this event as well as a minimum collection rating of "Hero". The entry fee is 1000 clintz, which is an excellent deal considering the prizes. The event is double elimination so you'll get at least two full matches in no matter what and obviously more if you're winning.

Spaces are limited! Join today!

Please don't forget to rate green. smiley

monday 11/02/2013


sunday 10/02/2013


How skilled are you?
Test your brains and brawn in this event.

saturday 09/02/2013

The Rock Paper Scissors Tournament has Begun!!

Click Here: deleted

friday 08/02/2013

*it is a possibly full season event (3 months)
*Activity is a must

Miss that excitement you once had in UR?
Want to have some excitement....?

Join ♠ Last Man Standing ♠
It will be awesome!

thursday 07/02/2013

In this event, you incarnate the stars, or rather you will battle with formats governed by the 12 astrological signs. An original event is brought to you by § § § § The Dark Gentlemen

12 astrological signs then 12 phases, each with a deck format corresponding to the astrological sign.

In order:
Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

To register:


To win:
Thaumaturge Cr
Geuner Cr
Seldnor Cr
5 Amiral Py Cr
Blaaster Cr
Cassio Cr
Chad Bread Cr
2 Chikko Cr
Marco Cr

monday 04/02/2013

smiley [AVATAR] -Chavel- celebrates 3y in UR smiley

This AVATAR CONTEST is strictly open to avatar creators. So, If you aren't do not join, please!
The entrance fees of 300 clintz will support the internal LOTTO and relieve "false" creators.
I'll ask for 2-3 works, concerning different UR's characters.

Thank u STAFF,

smiley (HD) -Chavel- smiley

tuesday 29/01/2013

Our dear friend and fellow Moderator, LOA Daigon, has passed away.

We will be hosting several events of various types over the next several weeks. Come join in as we wake our brother and remember him in the good times.

In honor and light,

monday 28/01/2013

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Lottery: Box Office Hits

sunday 27/01/2013

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