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wednesday 21/10/2015

This pack is special, every thematic pack will be.
So that means that today you can have a lor of rbs, but the next one won't be anything like this

sunday 18/10/2015

I know this is random ,WILL URBAN RIVALS EVER DO MORE COMIC I MEAN JEEZZZ IST BEEN 6 YEAR SENSE THE LAST ONE PLSSSS MAKE MORE I MEAN THERE SO MUCH INTERESTING STORY YOU CAN TELL,i am just spit balling here you can try make comic on why some cards go cr or you can make a long series and everytime a event happen you can happen along whit the comic it will make the game even more stand out of other online cards game not only that it will make many cards price go ups in value just because people get attach to them in the comic and stuff i mean you guys build a gaint spider webs of character and story i mean you can do soooo much just make 1 every week or 2 it will pull in so many people i mean i got in to the game because of the comic..(and the art) so please just you know make the game more deep and interesting whit it smileysmiley

friday 16/10/2015

There will be no raptors i think.

thursday 15/10/2015

Its a terrible idea.i finished to play if orgs to do that change!

wednesday 14/10/2015

I enjoyed it a lot smiley evem though i was only able to play 2 hours , it helped a bit thanks Ur smiley

^ This is just a weekend special. The penalties are over.

tuesday 13/10/2015

To urban rivals staff
i think solomon is getting crazy please take him to rescue
your regards
the gta ruler and rest of urban rivals
NOTE: THE GTA RULER had just expressed the players thought, hit green and reward him credits and clintzsmiley

friday 09/10/2015

It should come when the new website comes out of beta, I believe.

wednesday 07/10/2015

I remember I got on Mobilisation order in a box once, and I'm still not able to use it, or I can't figure how how to use it. smiley

monday 05/10/2015

Thematic weekend idea:
Stage 5 survivor: 8 pillz & 15 life
All 5* and 2* have penalties! (3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 4) (4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4, 4)
Old training room: 12 pillz, 60 life (huracan penalties -50!!!)
Loveless: 8 life & 15 pillz
Rare penalties: all rares are penalized.

The offer has expired.

sunday 04/10/2015

The Vortex don't need any RB cards though... They don't have 06 level artwork... smiley

hot logo UR 340 messages

3-4 years ago this game was popular. It was times when 2000-3000 players played in DT.
Nowdays we see news only about packs and donations. And nothing interesting about updates.

saturday 03/10/2015

It took about 30 minutes... it's only 2 KO's

You really have to plan ahead with things like timing and the deck.
Timing: try playing after the ELO tournament is done during that down-time when there is no changes to score.
Deck: You need to be able to 2-hit KO. You are not going to win 3 rounds when you are trying to win 1 with Candy Jack...
The deck I used: Bryan, Glover, Sabia and Trish with Artus, Candy Jack, Edwin and Oshitsune

There are definitely other options, but this worked for me.
Of course, there is never a requirement to do the missions, they are simply fun challenges.

friday 02/10/2015

Two raptors card, the new big dinosaur(already confimed by the staff on there Facebook page) and the second raptor leader smiley
frozn and all star or senitel and hurracan

thursday 01/10/2015

Had fun playing this coliseum in ur after so long . i anticipating high-enterence-fee-high-reward future eventssmileysmiley

monday 28/09/2015

No, it's done

saturday 26/09/2015

OMG just realised I have 20 Sigma smiley smiley I needed that
I have a problem with having characters called Dr "___" Cr though, and now we have 2. Next they'll be making Pr Hartnell Cr smiley

Nice story. Still no comics. You no have cookie this time.

friday 25/09/2015

What is this week theme?
I'm looking forward to it... smiley

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