thursday 24/01/2013

I want to be in it i have cortez and dregn

wednesday 23/01/2013

★ Deal or Steal ★

The event that everybody wants a piece of...

Rules already posted in the Turkish section of the event board...

tuesday 22/01/2013

More players = more wins smiley

monday 21/01/2013

Break for this week for IRL reason , and so , it's open for a long time , free and for everybody !

Jack of all Trades

All the application, rules, descriptions and prizes are provided in the event details.

Still space for 7 teams so get your applications in quick!

saturday 19/01/2013

thursday 17/01/2013

deleted read the rules and get a partner if interested smiley

Newest in a series of recurring events - I hope it's the best one yet.

Ever-evolving (just like everything in nature), there are some changes. Feel free to comment in the Turkish section for ideas on additional changes.

I hate this event V

wednesday 16/01/2013

This is a lottery to celebrate the birthday of my guild, feel free to join smiley
The draw is going to be made on the day of the actual birthday (30th January) Join, hit green, invite your friends (and donate?) smiley

Hitmanxxx Guild Birthday-Lottery

monday 14/01/2013

I'd rather be the sexiest fighter in the world :/

thursday 10/01/2013

monday 07/01/2013

This is quite generous. Thanks a lot for the event!

sunday 06/01/2013

Still got room. Within 2 weeks we will start.

friday 04/01/2013

It's a playing event which is DIE HARD
very interesting event ..join up its 64 players with 2 groups A and B
process of the event
1/ Qualifications - 9 days
64 players divided into groups of 8, the best 3 players in each group qualify for the next stage.
2/ Play-offs - 9 days
24 players divided into groups of 8, the best 3 players in each group qualify for the final stage.
3/ Finals - 5 days
9 players will play the finals

1st vickie cr
2nd ambrose cr
3rd reine cr..
thanks a lot to our urban staff smiley
donations are appreciatated..smiley

wednesday 02/01/2013

TrAitorzZz Iz The GreAtezt did come to an end!

I got a question for everyone;

PLEASE ACCEPT THE PRIZE POULE [ Need to be accepted for staff donation & jackpot ]

i hope every single player did enjoy it =)
see you next time smiley

The Results;

1st 0_AAR [ Whole Collection Withour Cr's ( Dahlia - Chiara - Rhed - Kenny are included ) + 299.250 Clintz ]
2nd LOAundermindj [ Manon Cr 0xp ]
3th DUC Guardian [ Elya Cr ]
4th {RW}DanDoDan [ Tanaereva Cr ]
5th Bone Cr [ Jackie Cr 0xp ]
6th -Lost Shadow- [ Caelus Cr 0xp ]
7th Gallegui [ Caelus Cr 0xp ]
8th White Winston [ Alec Cr ]
9th (HD)Il_Mago [ Jane Ramba Cr ]
10th DUC-Red Rob [ Jane Ramba Cr ]
11th 0 Vegeta [ Edd Cr 0xp ]
12th Nadpobudliwy [ Noodile Cr 0xp ]
13th -Madonna [ Noodile Cr 0xp ]
14th AoEM_Sakal [ Noodile Cr 0xp ]
15th Murdoch_HoA [ Disqualified ]
16th (S)Lymphocyte [ Disqualified ]

Prediction Mini-game 1;
Winner; _SlevinK_ 28 pts [ 3x Heegrn Cr ]
2nd; dett82-TCA 25 pts
3th; dXm_Makednos 20 pts

Winner Picture contest;
_Bakunin_ [ Swidz Cr ]


Quickdevil & PriMinizZzTA
TrAitorzZz Iz The GreAtezt

monday 31/12/2012



The draw will take place when i reach level 100 =)

free to join , i will at least add 100k clintz of prizes to this lottery.

Please rate it green and spam the event with comments !!! smileysmileysmiley

sunday 30/12/2012

Chinese New Year

Join this Chinese New Year lotto. Have great prizes and it free so join up and rate greensmiley

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