tuesday 20/11/2012

Everyone Join Battle of the Ocean 2012
Entrance: 1k
First Prize: Tanaereva Cr 0xp!

monday 19/11/2012

sunday 18/11/2012

Haha i think you meant beer smiley

Jockpot: 140.000 clintz smiley

sunday 11/11/2012

This are great idea's,
and i wish all the players who go a lot of luck =)

but i must say, i would always keep distance from game and irl , even if it was around the corner i would not go.

but the idea is great =)

saturday 10/11/2012

Added Much more cardssmiley
21. Cutey Full XP
22. Cutey Full XP
23. Cutey Full XP
24. Cutey Full XP
25. Cutey Full XP
26. Artus 0 XP
27. Artus 0 XP
28. Artus 0 XP
29. Artus 0 XP
30. Artus Full XP
31. Lelena 0 XP
32. Lelena 0 XP
33. Lelena Full XP
34. Lelena Full XP
35. Lelena Full XP
36. Magenta Full XP
37. Magenta Full XP
38. Magenta Full XP
39. Magenta Full XP
40. Kolos Full XP

friday 09/11/2012

Damn i totally forgot to put the event code in here xD


saturday 03/11/2012

5th wins! {Lottery}

5th to join wins the jackpot!

But folks its not that simple! You cant choose what number you want to join as. In 1 week I will click on "accept random players" this will choose which number you are and if your number 5 then you win the jackpot!

Only 200 clintz to join!

Will you be the 5th?

Join Now! smiley

saturday 27/10/2012

Memorial lottery for the best rapper ever
mc decay FTW!! smiley


friday 26/10/2012

wednesday 24/10/2012

Birthday Event smiley
Join up guys ! Marco Cr lotto smiley

Draw on Nov 17th smiley My bday smiley

Winner decided by random.org smiley

monday 22/10/2012

I wish to join the tournament.

Thanks smiley

sunday 21/10/2012



An event full of tournaments, lotteries, eliminatios, fights for card packs, unexpected decks and all kind of emotion.

Do you think that you have win? Do you think that you have lose? The winner will be unexpected.


Entrance fees: 1000 clintz.

Start day: The event will start when you reach the number of 50 players.

Is OBLIGATORY to donate at least a card or a pack of cards with an approximate value of 500 clintz.

Everybody, win or lose, can win cards, that's why is necesary the donation.


Thank you everybody, please join into the event and rate green! smiley

There are still some spots left. We will start monday so you can join till then.

It starts November 4, 2012 and ends on December 18, 2012 about

read before asking

thursday 18/10/2012

Death to all necros!

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