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tuesday 11/08/2015

Yeah, it's a fact that UR needs money when the new game modes and the new game interface are being delayed again and again, but I don't know, maybe instead of looking for money in such an obvious way they could improve and truly innovate UR (the last big change in UR were the Tokenz AFAIK).

IMO this just anger old players who maybe already spent their credits in less "cost-effective" packs and are not willing to spend more credits unlike the newbies or the people who really don't appreciate their money or are stupidly rich, and it seems that in English and French communities there are many people like those because they seem happy with this announcement, but in the other hand Spanish community is really angry about this.

But hey, UR staff definitely know what they're are doing, because Alexa rank of UR doesn't stop decreasing... That's just a heads up...

friday 07/08/2015

His art isn't the best. But it looks quite cool.

Has an Asian style to it which fits his character.

Learn to play.. pick a good cards and think what oponent might do. 6 victories aren`t that difficult...

thursday 06/08/2015

I think we'll finally get to see Rex Sweig's wife this week. I have a feeling she'll be black.

sunday 02/08/2015

I wish that that during this event they let the other rb give like a non stackable bp(connot stack with other old rbs) as well as a bp boost for players without rb to be fair

friday 31/07/2015

The rare card is random or fixed cuz I got a blood smiley

When you bought it ?

monday 27/07/2015

I'm sure that idea will be implemented once enough RBs are out.

friday 24/07/2015

Noted, I did think that this thread was about the leaderwar tickets handed out with packs, but my post still stands

thursday 23/07/2015

Buy it if you want,she's only 150k right now but she'll drop in price

Obscure plotting is an 5 days at this point....

tuesday 21/07/2015

Finally smiley

The guy above me + this 60 seconds everywhere gives me hard time when playing on the go on my phone...

monday 20/07/2015

@ Pillman: It was 40 rounds with Tatane (she also got an individual damage mission), but yeah, that was far harder. These Nobro KOs can easily be done in Duel or with the help of a guildmate in a guild room (even in normal conditions if you're really skilled and/or lucky). Heck, we've already got KO missions with cards like Lihoi Chun & Bunny, so this should be no surprise, really.

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saturday 18/07/2015

I'm pleased someone picked up on that! smiley

thursday 16/07/2015

Is this in GMT?

wednesday 15/07/2015

The lights correspond to the three lives you have for this LW. You lose, a light goes out. Finish with all lights and you get a bit extra or the only thing worth playing for depending on the prize structure.

monday 13/07/2015

@Post 19. I'd do it just in case they decide to change his stats. Also, for the 10+ credits if you already have it.

sunday 12/07/2015


1) Capri has so bad art smiley
2) Raptors in general need more artistic touch smiley
3) Killshot should be renamed to Overkill smiley
4) So much confusion about Cancel Opp Life Modif smiley


thursday 09/07/2015

Because you lost against - L E O -. Therefore, imperfect 14.

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