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monday 10/12/2012

Donation update
3x wesly
1x ellie
2x ellie
1x Sentogan

sunday 09/12/2012

Good thing our team worked together, there were a few questions that I could not have solved without Arun and Void smiley

Thanks Lasso for creating this mystery, we enjoyed solving it smiley

There are still many spots availible

saturday 08/12/2012

Hello guys!

I'm looking for a video maker who is able to do videos some 3D effects, in fact it would be for a introduction and this one will make the videos' introductions of a music band! I'll explain exactly what I'm looking for on the english part, all of yours introductions will be judged by our band, the best will get 100 000 clintz !

So if you think that you could win, join in it's free! smiley


Thanks mods smiley

friday 07/12/2012

thursday 06/12/2012

As a bonus this event will be open for all apps now until saturday when it starts smiley

So is this a team event? if so, how many players in each team (I got a feeling 2 by the way you used 'partner') and, most importantly, can we choose our own partners?

wednesday 05/12/2012

tuesday 04/12/2012


"I'm so happy that I reached tripple digits on UR. So I thought I would make a level 100 event. And yes it comes with a lot of prizes and lots of fun. Good luck all!

Blackout's Level 100 Big Event

monday 03/12/2012

friday 30/11/2012

Xmas is me being lazy smiley

tuesday 27/11/2012

smiley deleted join up if your active throughout december. prize list isnt small smiley

saturday 24/11/2012

I agree with Infiniti. I think it is opened to public to join now but I won't join and spoil the fun. smiley

wednesday 21/11/2012

Always wanted your preset to get some attention? THIS is your event
Deck Of The Week!

tuesday 20/11/2012

Everyone Join Battle of the Ocean 2012
Entrance: 1k
First Prize: Tanaereva Cr 0xp!

monday 19/11/2012

sunday 18/11/2012

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