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sunday 07/04/2013


Inscription: 3.500 clintzs

Les lots à gagner sont Kerozinn Cr, 150.000 clintzs mois (je vais acheter prix pour l'évènement avec cet argent).

Format de deck et salles:
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir moins de 9 persos.
La somme des niveaux des persos de votre Deck ne peut dépasser 23.
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir de Leaders.
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir le(s) 1 Clans suivants : Ulu Watu.
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir le(s) 10 Perso(s) suivants : Bristone, Spiaghi, GraksmxxT, Rico, Gertjan, Marina, Saki, Kusuri, Uranus, C Wing.
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir le(s) 2 type(s) de Pouvoir/Bonus suivants : Stop Bonus adv., Poison X, min Y.
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir plus de 2 persos en cours d'évolution.
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir plus de 8 perso(s) complètement évolué(s).
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir de persos en double.
Votre Deck ne peut pas contenir des persos Collectors

Calcul des points:
Si victoire (normale) alors ajouter des points, 4 pts au joueur.
Si victoire par expiration alors ajouter des points, 4 pts au joueur.
Si victoire par abandon alors ajouter des points, 4 pts au joueur.
Si égalité alors ajouter des points, 2 pts au joueur.
Si défaite (normale) alors ajouter des points, 1 pts au joueur.
Si extra: l'adversaire est KO alors ajouter des points, 1 pts au joueur.

Si tu as des questions, envoie-moi un message privé en anglais ou espagnol à être possible.

Un salut. smiley

friday 05/04/2013

Speed Mafia #3

The 4th event in the ever so popular series!

wednesday 03/04/2013

tuesday 02/04/2013

Final spots are filling up dont miss out!

monday 01/04/2013



But not for YOU...

The jokes on everyone who DIDN'T join...

Congratulations if you joined this event, you are all getting your 15K back + you're entered in a lottery for the following prizes:

1. An induction to the TEMPLE OF RANDOM.ORG

2. Marco Cr 0xp

3. Belladone 0xp

4. Quasichoco 0xp

5. Yumi FULL

6. Blidgey 0xp

7. Wardog FULL

8. Hilly Billy FULL

9. Roger 0xp

10. Brampah Noel 0xp

11. Brampah Noel 0xp

12. Bob Joby FULL

13. Rhody 0xp

14. Palmer 0xp

15. Palmer 0xp

16. Ksendra 0xp

17. Ksendra 0xp

18. Cesare FULL

19. Frank FULL

20. Hendz 0xp

21. Lance 0xp

22. Sunder 0xp

23. Sunder 0xp

24. Sunder 0xp

25. Sunder 0xp

26. Sunder 0xp

27. Sunder 0xp

28. Sunder 0xp

29. Sunder 0xp

30. Sunder 0xp

31. Sunder 0xp

32. Sunder 0xp

Advanced Musical Chairs #0 BETA

Non Battle Event with 16 players, The jackpot will be 24,000 and there is a chance to win a Yayoi!

It's Musical Chairs like you've never played it before!

The entrance fees are 1500 clintz, and if you have a problem please PM me!

That being said there are only 11 spots left~!

Good luck to all!

sunday 31/03/2013

Elo tournament, swiss style and then single elmination for top 8 or 16 (depends if there will be 32+ or 128+ players), i'll post rewards after i see how many players join.

saturday 30/03/2013

I find this thing that when IM looking for some events to join I find this thing that I have to go through loads of events just to find one that has a tick next to it that means I can join.
Therefore I propose a new sort by: if you can join or not.
This would really help people find events right for them to join!

friday 29/03/2013

70 Participants in an amazing day ... thanks guyssmiley

For those of you who did not get a chance to see yet, the Guild Draft Circuit will be starting soon, if you would like you guild to join send me a three player team with their player IDs. only 1 team per guild, due to timing there will be no more pre qualifying drafts, just choose your players based on activity or strength or both.
hope to see YOU and your guild out there smiley

thursday 28/03/2013

World Party

An international tournament to celebrate International Party Day (3rd April).

Everyone can join, deck format withour Rare cards, so even poorest players can play.

If you will endure the hardest party of your life - you can win Lyse Teria Cr!!


wednesday 27/03/2013

So this is basically a event to find friends?

thursday 21/03/2013


A simple ELO style event. This is my first so I wanted to keep the format simple. Also does anyone know how to change the dates of the event? I cannot figure out how.

tuesday 19/03/2013

We've already hit twelve spots out of sixteen, with almost a week until the event begins! Go us!

saturday 16/03/2013

Up !

The event will begin the 24 / 03 / 2013 at 11.59 pm ! Already 90 players smiley


thursday 14/03/2013

Prize list updated by first donations

you're still welcome to join

wednesday 13/03/2013

I'm pretty sure the DST has nothing to do with it, since here in Europe we change the time two weeks later than over at the States. And the original poster is most likely on the same timezone as UR servers.

So, either you're not playing during the right time (Your even hours, if I'm not mistaken), in the right room or you've simply turned off the Kate messages.

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