tuesday 21/08/2012

Welcome to all friends of WHP!!!smiley

monday 20/08/2012

Begging wont help.

Sorry I missed the link#

Almost hit 200 people !

saturday 18/08/2012

So Many Prizes!!!smiley

tuesday 14/08/2012

monday 13/08/2012


sunday 12/08/2012

@de smurven i think that u are tlking about the slots

friday 10/08/2012

Ok,forum mods.This thread can be closed now as it served its purpose. smiley

Thanks again. smiley

thursday 09/08/2012

Nice event can't waitsmiley

wednesday 08/08/2012

Mods please close this thread

tuesday 07/08/2012

Join Up Everybody! smiley

Winning is good for you smiley

friday 03/08/2012

That's an evento for avatar creators!
If you know how to create the best avatar ever, prove it in this even.
And also good prizes:

1º Place = Gil + Melanie
2º Place = Fei
3º Place = Tomas

Join it deleted

Link for the event: http://www.urban-rivals.com/events/?id_event=72395

monday 30/07/2012

Lottery for poor

Entrance fee: 200
Donations are welcome. Also invite your friends and guild members smiley

I highly recommend this event and any of CC Spring's future events

sunday 29/07/2012

Thank you for showing interest in the event @ DaftMau5

We are still looking for more people to start the event. smiley

thursday 26/07/2012

wednesday 25/07/2012

Box Rainbow Tournament

nice prices to be wonsmiley

rough translations of the rules in the english part, if you have any further questions feel free to ask, and i hop you all join smiley

Sky Rocket to Millionaire lol
Please don't pop my bubbles!

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