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tuesday 29/10/2013

Ranking concerns when multiple ties were decided by 2 methods: this was confirmed & distributed by UR staff earlier this year

1. In each Event description, UR will STATE clearly that ties will be awarded identical multiple prizes.

2. In events that UR doesn't promise to award 20x identical prizes to 20x tied players = the LAST player to register that score will receive the highest ranking.

This is confirmed in previous Coliseum threads & by players who tied but the Coliseum server ranked them lower because they scored first on Friday, but another player with Exact score finishes his last match before Coliseum ends.

This is why many players leave 3-5 unfinished matches until the last hour of each tournament.

sunday 27/10/2013

Not robb cr. with bonus he is -,5opp power min 2 , reminds me of caelus cr.

saturday 26/10/2013

friday 25/10/2013

I got 1, there was no notification btw

thursday 24/10/2013

I got 207 and "should" have won Mechakolos - last I checked (day before finishing) I was in top 300.

Contacting support is probably the best thing to do.

wednesday 23/10/2013

ThosE cards ARE my favorite.

monday 21/10/2013

@ joseph_27, prizes were handed out this morning a few hours after Coliseum closed
It was difficult to figure out because UR also reimbursed all DT winnings earned during the weekend

friday 18/10/2013

Part of me feels that Miss Lady could have ended up with Protection: Damage or some such variant. Which would still be a bit devastating in the wrong hands.

If one of the new cards be a vortex,I think his name will be uyjhvujg

Probably survivor elo,since there's no OP cards

thursday 17/10/2013

@ Babs Hartley and Pilluminati: I do the unoffical Mr. Clint City pageant every year if that helps.

Despite it all, I look forward to next year's MCC.

saturday 12/10/2013

Yes, I was wondering why i didn't i get my prize.

friday 11/10/2013

smileysmiley i think yet```` that this event is fair..sir

monday 07/10/2013

logo UR 15 messages

Did everyone receive their prizes?

How many games can u play?

thursday 03/10/2013

Miss Clint City 2013 is coming to town on October 11th...
Stay tuned written on facebook smiley

wednesday 02/10/2013

Harrow Ld will be the next one,then Sylvia,the I'm waiting since a very long time smiley

Hello everyone,

You can now participate in the ELO mode survey clicking on the following link : [URL=/to/eloenoctobre/]Elo survey[/URL]

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tuesday 01/10/2013

saturday 28/09/2013

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