sunday 17/12/2017

20:00 Hours Promo that will last until midnight:

All players that already own a ticket can purchase ANOTHER ticket!
This ticket still costs 5k.

Take the most of this special offer and up your chances of winning this years Collector Card!


Congratulations to the winners of a Collector Lottery Ticket!

The offer to pay for a ticket has now started! Good luck to everyone!

saturday 16/12/2017

THanks so much!!!!! Hope you have a great year. ^___^

38 Players had joined the event, the prize below:

If 30 player's joins will win 2 Uncommon Cards!

The winner of this event goes after the casting vote by RudraRusin

Three bonus players will also by awarded a Collector Lottery Ticket, the three players are the following:

Anthony X 777

Congratulations to the card winner & the Collector Lottery entrance winners!

Happy birthday Jeremy!

wednesday 13/12/2017

Thank you all for playing!

- Please PM me for your prizes, anyone that has only scored day 1 will not be able to obtain a prize.
- The Collector Lottery Results will be back for Christmas for a result and game!

The event will now close, anyone that does end up getting there prizes late will be issued a compensation!

Please allow up to 72 Hours from the date & time you claimed via-PM.

Thanks everyone for playing.

Stay tuned for another game!

friday 08/12/2017

Ohhh, I am eager to find out smiley

tuesday 05/12/2017

Nice, already thought it would be a 2* because you mentioned 'whole' evolutionary line.
When you said uranus was the second most, I thought it needs to be a popular low * DR.
So it was Arno or Pegh, Arno was already chosen.
I was just lucky tho, thx for the Peghs smiley

monday 04/12/2017

If anyone can guess what character I have the most copies of, I'll send them the whole evolutionary line.

No double posting, one every 20~ minutes or so

sunday 03/12/2017

I guess not enough people joined.

You win 25k. private sale me your cheapest common for 25k and Ill purchase it.

friday 01/12/2017

@0 Gladiatore

You need to be way more specific in your description here.

-Who can join?
Levels, languages, specific countries or guilds
-How many can join?
Is there an entry fee?
-What rules are there that may be different than the regular game?
-Is there a deck format?
-When does it start?
-How many matches per player?

edited by GWN Matrix friday 01/12/2017, 00:49

thursday 30/11/2017

Final Update: I was able to giveaway 600k+ ctz, thank you everyone for participating.

Turgoyak wins! His joke was very inappropriate, it was deleted by staff, luckily I was still able to read it. Please wait for my PM @Turgoyak.

sunday 26/11/2017

Do social media accounts like bebo, snapchat, tinder count as well?

The ones who voted batman won

wednesday 22/11/2017

Awesome! Thank you Gamma for hosting this smiley

tuesday 21/11/2017

Thank you for this event smiley

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