tuesday 02/04

Does this still apply to the upcoming Armageddon pack deals for tomorrow? smileysmileysmiley

monday 01/04

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Dont worry though my crypto pack was shit as always - #Dr Norton
still waiting for something that's worth more than 100k lmao.

thursday 28/03

Oh that explains it .

Ah okay, you mean this shadow character.

saturday 23/03

Armanda Cr
Dwain Cr
BeeBoy Cr

wednesday 13/03

Am I wrong or is this the first time the bans get explained that detailed? smiley Please keep that upsmiley

Everyone is expecting it. She is probably in everyone's top ten next card to go cr. UR has really been shaking up CRs in the last few years with unexpected crs like some miss winners instead of retire just staples and/or old cards.

monday 11/03

Thank you UR for Rainbow weekend. I enjoyed watching opponents using a fun variety of cards.
I also agree to restricting to 8 cards max because Saturday-Sunday many players exploited Huracan Uppers Sakrohm.
No way I could beat their deck.

More Rainbow tournaments please smiley

friday 08/03

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His drop rate is really low even with the increase.....

thursday 07/03

@Ares, true that

friday 01/03

Go to the Coliseum page, go to the ranking section and search for yourself. It will show you your points and games played.

When it is out again?
I want to buy some NB if cards are goodsmiley

Calling 5 power shakey, can you say understatement

That's how mafia works

tuesday 26/02

I did the same thing. Team: Cancel Opp Pwr Manip+ Skeelz just dominated in low EFC. (Cannot speak for the higher tiers). I think if he had an ability like Nuke (Cancel ALL pwr manip) it would’ve been more fair.

But overall, I enjoy Leader Shifts. Its fun to use trollish cards like an 8 pwr Frank, Brody with 9 damage, or Caelus Cr with -15 pwr min 2. I said this before, but it makes cards with abysmal power/damage not only useable, but good. This time around, I liked Ashigaru the most, even if it meant Cancel Pwr Manip crippled my hand.

Big card with a killshot/poison ability XD
that would be actually bigger joke than McLain ability.

saturday 23/02

Can the finishing move of frozn be disengaged in tourney room? Their KO move takes a lot of time.

friday 22/02

I think that it would be really great to have an area just dedicated to what cards are banned for each different format. Add some flavor text to why they had to go into hiding within the clint city limits and boom you have a fun colorful new element to Urvan Rivals! smiley

saturday 16/02

What? i personally really like the mechanic smiley

saturday 09/02

hot logo UR 80 messages

Somo more changes.

Looking now, the Berzerk one may be fine the way it is currently.
The Nightmare one needs, in my opinion, something to contrast with the dark figure we have now. The "demon" is fine with me, so I add the smoke behind it to make it more relevant. The smoke is green to contrast with the purple I set on the eyes.
Uppers changed back to the green. The diamond blue didn't work with the clan. And the yellow just looks better than any other colour I tried.
Only made the Freaks colours more vibrant, the icon is really good.
Made the Ulu Watu one blue, and so the trident is more relevant.
I think the Roots one looks really good with that white. Makes it seem a bit modern, but still retains the essence of what the clan represents.
The Skeelz one was really hard to do something with. I tried to make the background plain, changed the colour scheme a bit to resemble the clan a bit more, and made the green a bit more vibrant. The S looks weird because I hade to draw some of the outlines.

As for the All Stars one, I'm not skilled enough to make anything out of it. Same for the Sentinels one. smiley

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